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  • Running into a problem. I want to expand my collection of ar's 10 and 15's. It seems like even uppers can't be shipped to NYS even though they are legal. Lowers, forget about it? It really ******* ****es me off. Where can I buy the parts without having to drive to PA. The smaller parts are probably easy to get here, but the bigger stuff like a stripped upper or lower not?

    Any ideas?


    What kind of dies should I use for my 308 semiautomatic cases, anything special so they don't fall apart? I was at a shop yesterday and picke up some varget and don't have 308 dies, or 223 for that matter for my ar-15, maybe the same concept. was he alluding to crimping? He said the 308 needed to be sized all the way down and the dies don't even go that far? Kinda confused me. Should I be full sizing each time?
    Your twist rage may be too slow for the long bullets. I'd call GP and Berger and see what they tell you.

    I'd also say get your hands on a box of the Accbond LR's as soon as they hit the shelves and give them a ride and see if it changes the equation.

    All the best. CR
    I see you will answer questions about Berger bullets. I've got a G.A.Precision 300win mag and I've just got some 215gr VLD.s and the 230gr Hybrid Tac OTM for it and have only loaded 12 each to see how they grouped at 500yds. Best I got was around 5 inches for 3 shots out of the 215gr and barely under 3"for 3 shots of the 230gr. Any advice, I'd would be more than willing to listen ;-)

    I wasn't happy with those groups for I've shot a 1" 3 shot group with 200gr SierraMatch Kings and a 1 1/4" with 208gr A-max's at 500yds. I wish I could say I could do that every day but that is far from so. I know the VLD's are sensitive to jump so I'll work on them a little more later. 500yds is as far as we have to shoot around here, there are some places that have a 1,000yds but they are to far for me to drive to.

    By the way, you have my total respect and gratitude. Thank you very much for your service.
    Have a good'n Jesse
    I'm still looking for a scope similar to the aimpoint hunter series 34mm with 2 moa or less reticle but i want magnfication and use for low light running shots on hogs and deer. But I still want to be able to sit in a position and shoot out to 300 yards with precision. Any ideas?
    I am looking for a pre ban colt lower. Would prefer 5.56 but does not make a real differance. I am in western new work. Just Outside of buffalo.
    saw you were looking to mount an sn4 ..I have a USO SN4 posiloc mount in near new cond. ll make you a deal on. email me if interested always open to trades for mags and ammo ak47 stuff
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