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    Smokeless Muzzle Loader

    The guys name is Luke. He built my rifle on an old rem700 ML a few years back. I have not had any issues with it whatsoever. I hollowed out and beded the cheep factory stock and it shoots one raged hole at 200m. I fired it 20 times the first year, cleaned it at the end of the season. Next...
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    300 win Mag and 210gr VLD

    Ok, I took a look at my old data. 81g of H1000 is my max load, with that Berger your seating depth is the key. Read the article in my signature line. I took the max load of 81g and ran the seating depth test, got lucky. I would start 5g bellow if you're going to run a ladder test first.
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    300 win Mag and 210gr VLD

    Well it's been awhile, I'm going to have to dig out an old book. I will get back to you as that was aver 6 years ago.
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    1911 barrel bushing

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. It's just going to limit you in the way you can field strip the pistol. Its also going to limit or decrease accuracy. So much accuracy is derived from a well fit bushing. How could you keep it from turning under recoil? You will need a way to...
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    Help with h59 reticle zero distance

    Just zero at 100 meters your optic has more adjustment range than your can ever effecticaly use with a 308 winchester. Its important to note what the other posters said, and to understand it. This is not BDC rectical, its a mil based grid system. You have to do some work, but in the end its...
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    I killed the wrong deer

    Even when you screw up I'm still jealous of you.
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    1911 barrel bushing

    Can you have explain to me why you would want that? I am thinking about so many potential issues with what your describing right now. Jon
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    Ultimate Long Range Waterfowl Rig

    Second season openes here on the 29th. I shoot whatever is on sale. Benelli sbe ll and full choke.
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    right choke for duck hunting

    I typically use IC when I hunt wood ducks, but the shooting is close and fast. The choke you choose really depends on your shooting situations. If you expect to have 40 plus yard shots I would stick with what you have. In closer I would open that pattern up with IC or even Skeet.
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    Need a smith for my Remington 700 ml ( it need a new barrel)

    OK so I found a riflesmith for my rem 700 MZ build. I sent the rifle to Luke at Arrowhead sporting goods. He installed a 25" Pac-nor, fluted, sendero taper in 45. cal for me. Converted my bolt to the same style used in the Savage ML and installed a Savage breech plug. I went ahead and...
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    Need a smith for my Remington 700 ml ( it need a new barrel)

    Bumping this up so I can find it later.
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    Grouse Guns?

    I used to take my Remington 1100 special field but I haven't in years. I actually thought of selling it, they don't make them anymore. Which is a shame because they were such nice guns. Short and fast.
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    Benelli Super Black Eagle II vs Beretta A400 KO

    I ended up going with the SBE II for one reason, reliability. I won't lie the cost difference was huge but the darn thing just eats and eats! I am very happy with it and the slug barrel performance is just out of this world!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED wts Burris handgun/scout scope

    Scope is a Burris 3-12x32mm with the ballistic Plex, matte black finish. I bought it last year from Brownells. I used it on my savage striker to take one doe and fire 30 rounds for a load work up. I sold the pistol to Kevin Cram and the scope has just been sitting in its factory box. For all...