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  • Can't figure out how to reply or PM you. Can you PM me your number so I can text some questions about the elevation
    I'm new to this forum, just joined. I'm very interested in your Rifles Inc. Strata 35 Whelen. I have two of the strata rifles now that I ordered from LeX, one a 300 Win Mag and one a 300 Wby. I see you have it sold. If something happens and the deal falls thru, let me know. I live about 20 miles North of Willow, AK. You can get back with me here or call anytime @ 269-275-7777. Thanks, Tad
    Hey mackgee... i really really have been looking all over for the right leupold. I saw a long time ago you had a boone and crockett leupold in gloss 4.5-14x40. I'd love to pry that from you, would you be willing to let that happen?!
    Mackgee, did you sell that custom coffin 6.5 CREEDMOOR you got from Moecurls? I'm looking for a 6.5 now and that one was sweet. Why did you sell it less than a few months after buying? Thank you for your time.

    Nick ----
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