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  • Lefty, hello, just picked up a pristine Weatherby MKV deluxe in 7mm STW. Would like your recommendation on good factory ammo to shoot them reload that brass. I hunt So TX so shots past 400 are rare and most are less than 200yds. But I practice to 500. Reloading is not an issue for me.
    Thx in advance for you time and assistance,
    TxPhred (Fred)
    I did, the rail was put on backwards by FN. It's 20MOA facing up to the muzzle. Love the gun and really shocked about it. The fit and finish and functioning is awesome but some dork must have screwed the rail in. The told me to send it in and they would go over every part of the rifle, no charge. I felt good about their response, I'll update you when I get it back.
    Lefty, I need some help. Check my last post on scope problem. These guys left me dumbfounded, am I right or them.

    I picked up a Ruger No. 1 in 375 H&H. I'm thinking about loading it with lighter bullets, maybe Hornady 225 spirepoints for whitetail, under 200 typically. I will probably use it open sights mostly, but maybe a scope, same distance. Got a load and bullet?
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