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  • Ed,
    If "cost" can except the word "value" ? Then I strongly suggest you value your hearing and the noise factor for your neighbors by adding sound suppression; either Sure Fire or what ever product Fiftydriver prefers. Savage may pleasantly surprise you especially if you use David Tubb's Final Finish on the barrel.
    Somewhere Between Ignorance & Arrogance,
    CR Rains

    I like your recommendations and thought process, I'm going to have you build me a rifle it's just a matter of what and when. I have a lower end 6.5x55 in process on a new savage action but I am in the market for more rifles, 6.5 and higher calibers so I will stay in touch and we will do business. I can afford to spend, but I'm just getting my feet wet at this right now. As I grow as a shooter, my knowledge and collection will surely grow.

    This is what I would recommend for a top end rifle

    Borden Timberline receiver
    Seekings 20 moa rail base
    Holland recoil lug
    Jewell trigger
    BDL floorplate and magazine box
    Lilja #6, 1-8 twist barrel
    Barrel flutes if wanted
    McMillan HTG or Manner MCS-T stock
    Pillar bedding
    Bead Blast Matte finish

    Cost would be right around $3000 but this would be a very top end world class barrel that would meet your weight requirements, be plenty for any deer hunting and great for even 1000 yard target practice.

    Again, this is a top end rifle, I generally start there and then state that there are other options to reduce price if that is needed to meet a budget.
    All of my rifles are personally accuracy proven by me .

    Thanks for the interest. IF you want to talk more, please send an e-mail to [email protected]rivers.net


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