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  • had bought a box of 180gr SST's tonuse in my Win Mag but after reading of the explosive impacts I'd rather not use them for that application. I in stead thought of l I ading tgem in my 308 forca medium range load. Loaded over 43 to 44 grains of RL15 shoild put me around 2500 to 2550fps out of my 20" 308. How would this be for deer up to b lack bear at no kore than 250 yds but a more likely 125yds?
    Michael- i have been planning and saving to go on a wolf hunt for a while. finally i can seriously do it. any suggestions for alaska. i have looked at alberta, ontario, yellowknife NW . thanks . ron wood
    I have very limited experience with custom actions so take anything here with a grain of salt.

    Most of them are based on the Rem 700 footprint. In other words, triggers for the 700 work for most customs. Stock inleting as well etc..... Most though are cylindrical from the front to the back unlike the Rem 700 which makes mounting a rail accurate from the start without having to 'bed' the rear to keep it straight like you do on a 700. Some have integral 20MOA rails. Some have integral recoil lugs and some do not. Some are single shots and some are repeaters. Some manufacturers offer both. Aztek offers a medium action which is just a tad longer than a short action for feeding 6.5x284 etc...without having to go with a full on long action. Some offer 8-32 scope mounting while other offer 6-32 only. Some have fluted bolts others do not. Some have interchangable bolt knobs and others do not. Many of the differences are cosmetic.

    I hope that helps with the differences!
    I have read up a little more since I wrote that last message to you and I now see exactly what you are saying. Still would like to hear your input on the difference between the many custom actions out there?
    According to your math, 900-650 is 250. Right in the middle. If you concider only the bare minimum work that needs to be done to a 700 versus what you get whith a custom, the price comparison is a bit further apart like you say. For example, the traditional true up for a 700 does not include a sako style extractor or bolt handle reinforcement. Most of your good custom action do. Are these 100% neccessary? No, but I am a believer in them in a 700. I have had the factory extractor pull right out of the bolt while destroying the rim around the bolt face. Many shooters have had issues with their bolt handles breaking off as they are brazed in. The bottom line is, to make a 700 equal to a custom, the price difference is closer than you think. A 700 done right should cost more than 650 bucks. Between the base cost of the action, truing, a heavier recoil lug, extractor, extended magazine, bolt handle reinforcement, after market firing pin assembly. it should cost alot more than 650 bucks.
    Michael, you have mentioned to me that it is possible to pick up a custom action for $2-$300 more than a trued remmy. Where? Looking at the custom websites it looks like there going for $900-$1200. The Remmy's I've seen are $500-$650. Also what are the differences in one custom to the next?
    Frustrating. I chased a monster around for the middle 3 days. A 9x7. He was a PERFECT in line 7x7 with a couple of stickers. 3 out of 3 of us all agreed that he was a conservative 370 bull. The reality is that he is between 380 and 390.

    That said, on the last afternoon I shot a 6x7. 290" Not a great bull but my first bull over 5x5. Let's just say there are some HUGE bulls hiding in 22S. There were a couple of other toads in there as well but not quite as big.

    All in all, it is a high quality hunt. In 7 days of hunting and 5 days worth of scouting, I never saw a single soul. Then again, I was hunting in a hell hole.
    I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I have been there myself.

    Not looking for a guide or drop camp but I plan on hunting some of the rugged roadless areas. If I get a bull I may need help packing it out. Not because I can't backpack it out myself I just worry about it being September and hot. I will likely NOT have time as a luxury. Time and heat will be the enemy.

    I will be at the range this morning dialing in the muzzeloader. I am going to take the 300 as well. I wont get any testing done but I need to resight that barrel in AND re develope a load as it ended up with a new chamber (VERY LONG FREAKIN' STORY). I HATE STAN JACKSON!!!!!!!
    I'm in no hurry for the results and sounds like your priorities are straight. Just so you know I have not forgotten about getting a quote for you on those mules. It's been a crazy couple of weeks including the passing of my Grandmother. I wanted to ask you if it was a fully outffitted pack hunt or just a drop camp you were interested in? I did call my friend with the mules and he informed me he is selling his mules and looking to settle down a little and enjoy his retirement. He referred me to his long time hunting and guiding partner whom I have been playing phone tag with. These 2 guys have been guiding in AZ longer than I have been alive! I'll get a qoute fom him and let you know ASAP! Best of luck in your muzzy practice.
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