which 300 RUM?


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Sep 5, 2009
Im lookin for a 300 RUM, but want to use it within the next month for my hunt... with considerations to its recoil, weight, ballistics and a budget of about $1K, which model would be the better rifle? is going with the light SPS and $500 worth the bruise its gonna put on my shoulder? or is the Sendero worth the extra $$$ and weight?
Definitely go with the Sendero. You will get batter accuracy and less recoil. The recoil in the Sendero will also be huge. I use a limbsaver slip-on recoil pad to deal with it. Works like a champ, and it matches the stock... cant hardly tell it's there. Still need to keep that butt snug into the shoulder pocket or else you will get quite a jolt.

I love mine but im gonna put a brake on it after shooting it for two years, gotta have it, have a .308 Warbird with a brake on it, does not kick. Not sure what kind gotta look....
BTW, its a Sendero, have another thats lighter, shoots pretty good, not a rifle for shots over 500, Sendero is. Hope that helps....
My vote is for the Sendero, but if that means that you need to cut back on the scope I say then go for the SPS. Get the best glass you can afford!
Even with the SPS you still have the 700 action to build on in the years to come. Just a thought.
+1 Sendero. Have 300 RUM w/scope approx 9.5lbs, no brake no recoil pad nor do I like recoil that much. While it does kick... for me it's manageable up to about 15 rounds,,,had my fun:) and then I put it down till the next time.
When i do lots of shooting, i use a DFT Lead Sled. Love it, no recoil and u have the ability to sight anything u choose without the shoulder pain. I shoot a 30-378, 338-378, 300 ultra etc. No problem man....
My choice is the Sendero also. I just picked mine up on Tuesday. Recoil does not seem much worse than my .338 Win Mag, but it does need to be held firmly.

Tang, nice rig. what scope are you using? Just curious what's the total weight w/scope, by pod etc?
The scope on it is temporary for photo shoots, it is a Bushnell Banner 6-24x40. Total weight with bipod and scope is just shy of 12 lbs.
mine's at 9.5lbs no pad, no brake, i'm good for about 15 rounds then that's enough.
Go with the Sendero. It has much more going for it like a better stock, barrel, weight, etc. Unless you just want to do a custom build after the season, I would not think twice about the SPS.
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