Which is better, 300 RUM or 338 RUM?


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
I am planning on getting either a 300 RUM or 338 RUM for longer ranges that I shoot at deer and elk out to 600 yards. I was doing some comparison and they seem to be pretty equal. Was comparing the 200g accubond at 3200fps out of the 300 RUM, and the 225g accubond at 3200fps out of the 338 RUM. They seem to be pretty close. Which should be more accurate at 600 yards? The 338 RUM hits slightly harder at 600 yards, by about 200lbs. The trajectory is only 1" difference. Velocity is withing 100fps. Probly cant go wrong with either one. Thanks.
The comparison is good on the surface but I believe you're mixing and matching.

IMHO The 200 grain bullet in the 300 RUM is "heavier" for caliber and the 225 in the 338 RUM is at the light(er) end.

There is a better selection of bullets available for the 30 caliber and you can still go up a bit in weight (don't know your twist rate) so you have a little room left. The 338 RUM has a good deal of room left for heavier bullets. If you're leaning toward bigger game and energy the 338 would, to me, seem the better choice. If you don't plan on shooting "too" much further and/or expecting "too" much energy stick with the 300 RUM. (That 300 RUM should get you out to .... oh... 1400 yards, while the 338 RUM should get you to about a mile fairly easily... with the correct bullets of course.)

As many of the rest here know... you'll probably eventually end up with both chamberings anyway so it's a moot point. Welcome to Long Range Hunting....where money for rifles and equipment (only necessary equipment
) flows like water... BTW, is anyone asks who got you started on this expensive adventure say it was....... Boyd or Darryl....or maybe Len or S1! I already have too many significant other's ****ed at me!
if i was gonna load for the 338 rum, what load, and bullet would be a good starting point for going for the mile?

I like the smk's, would a 250 do it, or should i be looking at some 300's
Avengeusa, try the 300g SMK as fast as you can push it and still retain accuracy!! The
300g will surely buck the wind and the BC is not terrible too. Some friends and I were zeroing some rifles up in Wyoming and the wind was blowing pretty bad we shot some 200g BT that went in a 1' group, we then shot some 250's that grouped about 7",
and then tried some 300's that grouped around 3" this made a believer out of me!!
On game I believe the larger diameter bullet will be a bit more devastating I have a chambering in 30 cal and .338(RUM) and you probably will soon enough, this could be argued either way but my preference is the .338!!
I believe the 300 is a better all around chambering for the same reasons Dave mentioned and the fact you can go down to real light bullets for small animals, get bullets cheaper etc. The 338 with the 300gr SMK will out perform the 300 in wind drift and energy, so again, like Dave said, if you feel you need that, go for the 338...
I get just over 2700 with with 300 SMK in my sendero with 26" barrel. That's with 90 grains of RL25.
I'm pretty sure Dave King was also getting 2700 with his 338 Ultra and a 300gr SMK, not sure if he was seating them out long and single feeding them though.

Just a thought--the 300 Ultra case necked up to 338 with no other change or with a sharper shoulder and some of the taper taken out of the case shooting the 300 gr MK with a 30+" barrel should put you @ or near 3000 fps. Some gunsmiths probably have these reamers. The 338 Ultra is a smaller case than the 300 Ultra. If you use the 250 gr MK in the 338s, you'd be better off with the 300 Ultra and the 240 gr MK.

WEll I will probly shoot it about 300-500 rounds a year for practice. And for hunts on deer, elk, and black bear. I dont really like the big heavy bullets, I kinda like the speed and trajectory since I am only going out to 600 yards. Do you think both of them will plow over elk and bears at 600 yards when hit properly? So most of you agree on the .300 RUM? Thanks.
At the ranges you plan on shooting at the 300 Ultra will be perfect. I think it will be more accurate, and a little easier to shoot, less recoil. Larger bullet selection.

Good luck either way,
Frank D
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