300 RUM or 338 RUM suggestions


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Nov 14, 2009
I just joined the site after spending alot of time on it over the past week, and exchanging a few emails with Shawn.

I want to do some long range shooting and hunting, I would like to be able to hunt elk out to 1,000 yards and shoot out farther. I currently have a 270 Sendero that I shoot out to 1,000 yards but it would be a little lite of a bullet to hunt with.

Would I be able to do it with a Rem 700 LH in 338rum in a sportster barrel. I see that the 338 edge is getting alot of hype but I cannot afford to build a custom rifle, so what would be my best choice.

I already have the following big game calibers but most of them are configured for hunting in the forrest.
270 T3
270 Sendero
270wsm M70
30-06 700
325wsm BLR
325wsm X-bolt

Any practical suggestions will be appreciated.
You ever think about having your Sendero rebarreled for the .300 or .338 RUM, or even the good old .300 Win Mag ? A lot cheaper than a new gun.
Thought about it but I lke the Sendero the way it is. If I were going to re-barrel I would do it to the 30-06, what would be a reasonable price for a gunsmith to do this work?
I would think you could have a 338 RUM easily rechambered to 338 edge because the edges shoulder if further forward. Maybe one of the smiths on here could chime in.

I would not want a 338 in a sporter weight barrel with no muzzle break. If you are looking at a sporter weight I would just go with the 300 and shoot the 208 amax or 200 accubond. It will match the trajectories and drift numbers of the 338 offerings pretty closely and the 300 delivers enough energy to 1000 yards.

A sendero in 338 RUM would be a better choice.
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