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  • Hi there I'm wanting to build a budget light weight 338 edge on an old howa 300 win mag . Just wanted to see if you thought the houge stock would be ok until I can afford a McMillan stock. Also if you had any tips for me in regards to building on a howa action I would be very thankful. Cheers
    Hello sir. You seem to be THE authority on Weatherby cartridges and I am looking for some load data for a vanguard with 24" tube. I want to use the new Hornady eld-x 200 gr. Bullets. I have Hornady brass, Retumbo, H1000, RE25, and Mag Pro powder on hand. I would appreciate any data that you can provide.
    Also I am thinking about starting a new gun project and am in the market for a mark v action,bolt, and floor plate for another.300 WBY. If you know anyone looking to sell, I am looking to buy if the price is right.
    I saw the below you posted...

    Re: Berger load data for .300 Weatherby
    80.5 grains of H-4831 with a cci 250 primer will give you near 3200 fps safely with deadly accuracy in every 26" barrel Mk5 I ever used. Be sure the barrel is free floated. I-7828 will go over 3200 fps max accurately and safely. Start at 83 grains and work up. For legal reasons those loads are for rifles without the wby freebore. I have worked with the 300 wby for 40 years.
    Predictions are difficult, especially when they involve the future

    I have a new 300 Weatherby Accumark RC and mounted the Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 with the EBR-2C reticle. I have been shooting the Spitzer ammo to build up brass to reload. I plan to reload the Berger 185s and 210s. The real question is what did you mean about the loads and the Weatherby Freebore. All Weatherby's come with that don't they? Is that just a disclaimer in case something goes awry if we want to use that recommended load you posted?
    I read your post on the 340 wby and sound like you know alot about them. So my question is what bullet would you recomend the 225 barnes, Nosler, or the 250 barnes , Nosler. Also do you crimp your bullets and what is a good over all length. I have a mark V but not the accumark barrel. It is a 26" tapered barrel. Also I contacted wby and they can put a accumark 28" barrel on it with muzzle brake optional for 400 bucks. Right now I shoot the nosler 225 accubonds but only get a 2" group at 100 yds and i sight in at 200yds and its about 3 to 4" group.
    Would appreciate any advice you have. Thanks Troy
    Hey sir saw your post about going into the Thorofare. You wanna go again? Mssg me please either way please! Thanks
    Are you still putting together rifles, if so I'd be interested in a 26" - 28" 6mm built up for use out to 500-600 yd hunting rifle. Can a rifle be put together to shoot 1/2" groups using factory .240 WBY ammunition. I'd really like a .240 Gibbs if it's that much better than a WBY.....Thank You ... BRIAN
    LTLR, I was doing an online search and saw you have a 243ai load with 55 gr. ballistic tips that is pushing 4100 fps. Would you care to share your recipe? I am having GA Precision build me a 243ai as we speak and want a flat shooting laser out to 300 yards to put coyotes down. Thanks a million for your time. Brad Christiansen Roca, NE
    I read your post on load data for 340. I got it worked up to 87 gr of 7828 with 250 gr bullet.
    Wasnt doing to bad it was shooting the barnes just over 1 MOA at 100 yards. Than I went and switched to Berger 250 hunting bullets and tried them at 200 yards and had about 4 Moa at best. I checked them and the average speed was 2874 fps.
    The question I have is the OAL of the cartridge. I loaded mine to fit the magazine which is 3.720. I realize that is longer than called for and if that could be affecting my accuracy with my loads.
    Never owned a weatherby before or a rifle chambered for any weatherby cartridge.
    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
    Just so you know its a Mark v Euro and using cci 250 primers, Norma brass, leoupold scope.
    I changed the scope this morning just to make sure something in the scope didnt come loose.
    thanks marty
    Howdy , my nane is Michael Bell (aka porkchop401)I am interested if you are planning on going to Alaska caribou hunting in 2013 if so let me know of any special requirements should you have a opening. thank's Mike
    I read in one of your posts that you use a Tikka T3 lite 338. I have been trying to choose between the 300 win or the 338 win in that same gun. I've read that the recoil in the 338 is unreal due to the weight of the gun. I'm not scared of recoil but there are limits to when enough is enough. I still want to use the gun at the range from time to time. I was considering adding a brake to either one just because of the muzzle jump with the Tikka's....your thoughts?
    Do you have any suggestions for loading the 300 grain Sierra MatchKing? I was wanting to use Retumbo, but I'm not finding any info on where to start. It appears to be fairly equivalent to RL25, so I was thinking of trying 96 grains of Retumbo.
    Hey i read in one of your posts that you loaded a 225gn AB @ 2950FPS i believe and i was curious if you didnt mind what telling what load you are using. I currently have a 338WM and have been shooting 215gn GKs. The 215's shoot well out of my rife, but i just shot a spike elk last weekend and Im a little hesitant on their performance. I have the 215's loaded to 3000fps and the elk was at 40 yds, which may be the reason, but they seemed to not hold together very well and i didnt get as much penetration as i expected. I have been playing with the AB's a little this year and they seem like a good bullet, and i think i might like a bonded bullet better.

    Thanks for your time, Gphil
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