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  • Id have to check on that question. I know I also have a 243 flatbolt bull barrel that seems to shoot just as well as the shooter can. Pretty sure the 243 has a williams barrel on it and made in 1974.
    Not sure why but kind of like the big rifles any more.
    Ive seem to acquire quite a number of rugers of various sorts. Have 2 that were made in 1949 and one was out of the first batch shipped and the other one was out of the second batch shipped in.
    Working on getting a Mark V 340 to shoot long range and not having the best of luck with that.
    I would like to go to Canada someday. Other than that I would never leave USA of fear of getting stuck in a foreign land.
    Take care marty
    Hi Marty,
    Yes, it would be great but I live in Canada so getting one is almost impossible. When was it manufactured? ..................karllightbulb
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