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  • Are serous about wanting a 270 Weatherby dummy round for your collection?
    I have 270 Wby with a 140 Nosler Accubond seated (the primer is already out, so I can empty the powder and put in a new primer - so it will be a true dummy round, with no actual powder in the cartridge).
    If you'd like this , just send me your address and i'll mail it to you. No charge.
    Mine has quite of bit of slack in the turrets, but it seems to return to zero "ok". Not so sure I would spend an extra hundred on turrets though.
    I ran across an old post of yours talking about the 6-18 bushnell trophy. I also have one and on the scope instructions it says 1/4 moa adjustments but on bushnells websight it says 1/8 moa adjustsments and by trying mine out it is indeed 1/8 moa.
    Anyway I was going to by a kenton custom turret cap for it but before I did I thought I would asked you if through the use of yours did you find that the elevation turret tracked and returned to zero adequatley ?
    Also do you think the quality of this scope is worth spending a 100 bucks for a bdc turret cap?
    Thanks in advance for the info.
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