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  • Do you have any information on bolt thrust ratings of the triune big bore ar10 BE? Is that rated to hold full house wsm based cartridges? I see you have built with them before.
    Can you provide some more information about the Chargemaster 1500 tube inserts?
    Do you mind "translating the terminology?
    "barrel drop, chuck it up, stick out enough for you to turndown to fit snugly into the RCBS spin tube, 3/8 to half long to the shoulder. Turn down the leftover towards the chuck to the desired OD."?
    I have used the case of a 6.5 cut down - which inserts inside the spin tube. But since it would not stay in place Put some tape around it
    Barrel drops, left over barrel after you cut blank to length. In my case I get the 224 barrels at 26 to finish at 20 inch AR15 service barrels.

    Have a buch of those drops you can have enough to make a few inserts
    The tubes have wide tolerance just measure the ID so you can turn down the insert for proper fit
    My contact information is as follows:

    Robert 'Britt' Freund
    216 La Mesa Lane
    Georgetown, TX 78628
    (512) 415-6938

    I would love to visit and learn more from you. As you probably guessed, my 'Sensei' is Speedy Gonzalez in San Antonio and yes, he knows you. I texted him and he said to say 'hi'.
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    I guessed who he is when you mentioned Hall of Famer.

    Yes, we sure can visit, looking forward to it.

    Nez Rongero
    11604 Sweetwater Trail
    Austin, 78750
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