doner rifle ?


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Dec 12, 2010
in threads when guys speak of doner rifles , what calibers make a good doner rifles , do you get the barrel rechambered and re-rifled , or screw on a new barrel, as in over thankgiving holiday our local dicks sporting goods had scoped 700 adl varmit specials for 350$ out the door , and every time i walked by the counter , i just shook my head , saying too bad my safe is full , maybe looking for a 6.5 build lightbulb , any info would be greatly appreciated
usually a doner rifle is something that you buy cheap to pull the barrel,trigger and stock off and install new parts.when deciding what cartridge you want you need to find a receiver to suit your in other words if you want a 308 usually you try to find something in a short action like a 308,243,7mm-08 ect.if you want to build something like a 300 winmag then you need a long action like a 30-06,7mm mag ect. if you want a repeater.of course this can be changed if you want a single shot then you could go with a short action.a lot of do it your selfers build off of savage actions as you can buy a pre threaded barrel and with a few simple tools,install it our said you were thinking about a 6.5 caliber.what cartridge would you like to have?a .264 winmag will requier a long action to make a repeater where a 6.5 creedmoor can be used in a short action.also,some people will rechamber an existing barrel if they feel that it is a good one worth rechambering.hope this helps.martygun)
I'm a Savage guy, so I'm on the prowl constantly for can't pass up deals on old Savage/Stevens rifles. I'm talking in the $100-$200 range. They are out there, you just have to be at the right place at the right time. These make great options as you don't have to do any machine work. You can use hand tools to install barrels, and trigger groups. There are a plethora of stock options. So that is what I suggest for donor actions. Now if you are a Remmy guy that has machinist knowledge to work on your own gear, by all means go that route. I have some machinist knowledge, but don't own any machines to do the work. Not to mention the advanced knowledge for machine setup to cut a thread tenon and chamber a barrel.
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