buying ands selling guns privately usa and canada


Apr 5, 2003
vanderhoof bc
does anyone know the laws on selling and trading firearms from usa to canada and canada to usa privately,as l live in canada and trying to get some imformation on this is almost immpossible and everyones answers are different including l have a 30-378 weatherby that l would like to sell or trade and dont know whether to post an ad for it
i may also be interested. i'm looking for a used mark v action for a rifle project.
email me or post the details on here.

I believed you can order blank barrel, stocks, and scope thru the states without problem. They are not considered as firearm. However if you want to sell a whole rifle to the states or buy it from the states, it is more tricky.
I could try to call the custom border or Canadian Firearms Centre.

I would like to buy an used benchrest rifle from the states because there are so many used rifles for sale in the states.

I don't understand the problem between US and Canada, we have FAC and the states use FFL license. We could fill out the paperwork thru the gunsmith dealer and they should take care with both gun dealers. (US and Canada). Maybe it is not allowed? I don't know really.

I really want to know about this too.


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Only looked at importing from the US to Canada. The US dealer must have an export FFL and be willing to do the necessary paperwork. They seem to ask $50 to 100 to do the paper work.

We fill out importation documents with the CFC once we have the firearms info from the US dealer. The Cdn import forms are then forwarded to the US dealer. The firearm is then exported to you and you register it.

That seems to be the basic framework. Contact ATF and CFC for the necessary forms etc.

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