New LR hunter needs gun and advice (Canada)


Mar 17, 2003
It's a little like trying to pick a chocolate bar at 7-11. So many options. I believe .284 or .300 with mag punch but would be nice if recoil manageable. Sendero or Savage or rebarel an action? Anyone here from Canada willing to help me get a rifle at reasonable cost? I reload for my 30-06 and 308 and would be willing to reload for long-range rifle. I will be buying a chrony, leica rangefinder, spotting scope and such. I'm going to build a bench that goes in the truck and will be shooting alot this summer. Any good books on the subject? My goal is to be able to take deer/antelope 300-900 yds and moose 250-600 yds with same loads and good shot placement. Took a moose last fall with 30-06 Rem 700 with 150 gr sierra at about 400 yds standing left arm on tree brace. Had to finish him of from 75 yds as he got up on approach. Need more energy in that situation, lesson learned. Steaks and sausages sure are good. I like to stalk and hunt from close but there are times when I think I could be very effective from ontop a ridge with a picnic basket and me and my wife with spotting scopes looking for that long range opportunity. HeHeHe
Also, first trip out west coming for mule deer and antelope and I want to be able to shoot long range if needed.

Thanks, I plan to be a regular here now...
Rene W. Cadene from Marathon Ontario Can.
The 300 mag is about a 250 yr at most rifle for moose .A 338 ultra mag or a 338-378 is required for the ranges that you are asking for.I have shot caribou with the 338-378 out to 400 yards .I deer hunted with 338 win mag in Ga .Shot 80 deer with 80 shots from 3 yards to 450 yards.I used the 300 win mag not near as good above 300 yds.The 338 win mag with 200 gr flatens deer and does not tear up meat .Good for moose to 300yds with 250 gr bullets like noslers
A stainless Ruger 338 win mag is one of the best all around big game rifles for North America.With 200 gr bt you can shoot long range deer and moose out to about 300 or 350 yds with 250 gr.I have shot groups as little as 3/4 inch with rem 225 factory loads at 200 yards.I like 250 for the moose and bears.I shot a black bear about 300 lbs with the 225 went through both shoulders,the 200gr winchester power point is very good for deer and pronghorn does not tear up meat.I gave my 300 win mag to my dad I didnt like it 1/100 as good as my 338 win mag.If you want longer range go to the 338-378.A remington 338 sendero would be my next choice .I have a accumark 338 that shoot awesome but it is loud and ammo and brass expensive .The 338 win mag is better over all the 338-378 gives you a 200 yard head start at a price.I love both rifle both have there place.The 300 win mag is not that much better than 30-06 but the 338 win mag is a whole lot better and the 338-378 is the ultimate this side of a 50 bmg .good hunting

go to and call (260) 493-1858 to order the following books. Best to help you get started. Finally subscribe to Precision Shooting Magazine.

Sinclairs Internation Reloading book 10th edition $12.95

Precision Shooting at 1000 Yards $34.95

Have Sinclair send you a catalog

Call Ken Markle at (71&0 292-3175 and order his reloading tools catalog Best neck turner in the business.

Call Neil Jones at (814) 763-2769 and get his die and tools catalog also. is net site.

If you want to build up a good LR rig, recommend that you stick with a factory caliber that is easy to reload. do not get into the wildcats yet unless you are really comfortable with your reloading skills. Look at those books first. Just have the gun built with a minimum SAAMI match chamber. It will be tighter than standard factory but will still load factory shells. Look at 300 weatherby, 300 ROM, or stock 338 lapua. You can buy a Savage and order a 338 Lapua barrel already chambered from Midwayusa for a little over $200. Means total gun and extra 338 lapua barrel is under $800 and all lyou need is to have lugs lapped, and large recoil lug put on to that barrel.

Good luck

Rene welcome. Putting together a LR rig in Canada is no problem. I live in BC and there are excellent gunsmiths from here to you. I hunt mostly mule deer, but have also hunted black bear and moose.

The big issue is focusing what you want from this rifle. Is it a portable or bench gun? How much recoil will you tolerate? How much practise as you willing to do?

I'll describe the three rifles I have and this should help you with your planning.

My walkabout rifle is in 30-06 launching 165gr SST. This combo is suitable to about 700yds on deer. I am not a fan of the 150gr bullets. I have used the 165gr Interlocks, now SST and feel confident that a well placed shot will put down any game I am likely to hunt.

For my portable LR rig, I shoot a 30 Gibbs again with the 165SST. Bullets leave at 2950fps which is similar to the Short Fat magnums. I will be using this for hunting clear cuts and some truck hunting. I feel confident that I can take any game as far as my Leica 800 will range. I have a muzzle brake on this to control recoil. Will make up a drop table to 950yds this spring.

My bench top gun is a 300WBY. This is too heavy to carry. Will be set up for shooting across valleys, etc. I have shot this gun to 1800m but will limit to 1000yds again. Guess what, the bullet will be the 165gr SST. Have also used the 155gr AMax but think the extra weight/toughness will work better. This rifle also has a muzzle brake.

In the works is a 300RUM, I can now go further but will probably spend more time as a LR plinker then hunting rifle. Will weigh about 45lbs and has a 35" barrel. Should launch 240gr MK at 3100fps+.

To limit costs, I build most of my magnums on an Enfield P14 action. Very strong and inexpensive to get. I find the BSA or Parker Hale sporterized ones with the actions already drilled for scope bases. For about $100, I have a magnum action.

A Gaillard, Smith, King or MacKennan barrel can be installed. Although I would recommend a factory cartridge, a good gunsmith can cut a better chamber to ensure accuracy with the bullet and load of your choice.

If you are handy with wood, you can build your own stock. Quite easy. If you build your own stock, you can put together a LR rig on a P14 action for under $600; under $1000 if you use a commerical action.

Scopes are another big area. Check the other posts for some suggestions of suitable scopes. Bushnell Elite scopes are excellent, as is the Tasco Super Sniper. Leupolds are a common product but very pricey. You are going to need 25 to 35 min of elevation from a 100yd zero to 1000yds with most flat shooters used on this board.

Once you get a better idea of what you want, post your questions. There is so much knowledge on this site that your questions will be very well answered. Check the other articles. Will probably answer any question you have now.

Very good input Gerry. I'm reasonably familiar with most modern boltaction guns but not too familiar with all the different actions and variations from years past. Having said that, I find my 30-06 in a sporter covers my close to medium range needs for all the game I'm going to hunt. My long-range rig should't be a bench gun but should have a good reasonably heavy barrel. I don't plan to shoot so many shot's in a row as to heat up barrel too much. But I know I have to practice alot so I'll bring a few different guns to the range. I'd like to have well placed one shot kills out to say 800yds but still be able to tote the rifle around. I'm really allmost sold on a 7mm STW for my first rig likely to be followed with a 300 or 338 RUM next year. 7mm STW makes sense to me because of the game I'm hunting this fall. If I buy a factory gun it would likely be a Sendero but I'd like to get a custom job if I can keep my cost in the 800-1400 range. I don't think I'm ready to do my own stock yet, I'm not sure what I like and don't like in a stock, I'm not experienced enough yet. I have a 98 mauser in 8mm mauser with a poor barrel but good action. I'd like a nice stainless action with say a 27.5 inch stainless fluted barrel. A good feeling sythetic stock although a nice wood does look very sexy too. I'm back in the 7-11............Rene
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