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  • "PS, that weekend, I also sent some 139gr Lapua Scenars out of my 6.5 Mystic (260improved variant) to 2400yds. But that is another story...."

    Do you have that story pub lished ?

    Do you have a web site ?

    Great articles by the way in 6mmBR.

    Regards and best wishes...Martin
    Mr. Teo,

    Thank you for your many informative and valuable articles. I have greatly anticipated each new article that you have written. I am one of the people who benefit greatly from your articles, seeing as I have such a little budget to work with. If you have any suggestions beyond what is in the "Building a Long Range Rifle on a Budget", and "Precision Reloading for Long Range Hunting" articles, I would love to listen. Thank you for your time and assistance.

    Thank You,
    Shane Hayes
    Nice work with the 223 at a mile Jerry. Did that barrel you got from me work out for you? I love the scope. I just bought a Mod 70 308 win with a heavy Rock barrel that has the sction trued and a break added. I am going to try and get serious with paper at long range with it. I am curious about your reloading process for long range with the 308 win? I have read that, a guy should just buy a Forester die set and make a round and the measure it for your chamber and send it back to Forester so they adjust the die to size the brass .002 under the loaded round. What is your secret ? if you don't mind sharing. Thank you Jerry
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