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  • I will take you 300 WM FL sizing die if there is no rust on it.

    What is your PayPal ID?

    Thank you so much for that link to Wheeler Accuracy. My Lord that's easiest way for me to learn! Thank you again, Chad Shirey.
    Herman, hows your recovery going? I hope you're doing great. Would you still be able to round up some of your friends MRP? If so how many pounds and at what price. I appreciate your help. I've been I'll for several weeks and the weather has been the craps so I haven't had a chance to do much with the BPX. ---- Roland
    I was reading a 2007 post by you that said you sell Oahus 10-10 scales. Do you still sell them and for how much. Also, what is their condition? Thanks
    I do not have any good load data for the 300 Win mag, I shoot the 300 WSM. Best I can give you is to look on web and here for guys using the 165 AB. But you can email me at [email protected] :)

    Reloaders Nest always has good data to work from I have found.

    Retired Army SF, but work for the USMC

    hello. I wanted to touch base with you regarding some 300 win mag loads. very new and learning alot from ready here....I like yoru last big post. I wanted to know what is agood time to talk with you bout my Savage... i jsut posted questions bout an Elk hunt and 165AB...
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