Ambidextrous Rifle


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Mar 15, 2004
Ive been trying to convince my dad to build a long range rifle for himself(that would be used almost exclusivley by me
) He said he'll pay for half, but there is a problem. I shoot left handed and he shoots right handed. Anybody no a possible solution?
what is the minimum it would cost to have a gun built if i have my own action, but one that would still shoot adequate groups?

I sent a remington 700 to pac-not to get trued, and have a barrel put on $450, I bought a laminated stock from richards microfit $200, and did the bedding myself, and put a jewel 2oz trigger, $160 on it, I have $860 in the rifle, the last chance I had to shoot it the last measured 1/4", the last three went in a hole measuring .045, but im really sure it has the potential to shoot constant .1's.
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I have an ambedextrious hevy gun stock, partialy finished. It is solid cherry. It has a thumb hole built for left and right handed. Not sure what your looking for. I can e-mail pics if interested. I am also a gunsmith if you are looking to put one together.

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I shoot left handed and have a leftie 308 and a righty 300. If I'm shooting from a bench or prone, I prefer the right handed gun because it's easier to load and work the bolt. For hunting the lefty is my preferred weapon so I can shoot offhand and get a reasonably quick follow up shot.
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