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Kevin Cram
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Aug 24, 2019
Mar 9, 2004
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Feb 27, 1979 (Age: 40)
Danville, PA

Kevin Cram

Well-Known Member, 40, from Danville, PA

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Aug 24, 2019
    1. Dwight St. Romain
      Dwight St. Romain
      Hello Kevin, I read with interest your reply that you made some years ago about how to reduce the bolt face diameter on a bolt. I have a Remington 700 Mag. action that I am seriously thinking about trying to change to the .480 and I don"t like the hassle of the PTG bolt system. So my question to you is are you still doing these conversions and if so the approximate cost. Thanks is advance.
    2. tnhunter211984
      Yes sir can you send me a private message. I want to ask you a question.
    3. elkaholic
      Hi Kevin.....I bought a SIII 8x32 from you last year and am looking for a 2moa 6x24 SIII. Do you have any and at what $$$$$.....thanks/rich
    4. banjo318
      Hi Kevin,

      My birthday just passed, you could still give me any of the rifles you build... ;)
    5. Nimrod1203
      Hi Kevin,
      I've got a 300 win mag build i need to have done. I'm still assembling the parts but basically what I'm gonna end up with is a remmy action that'll need blueprinted. I have a PTG bolt on the way with a sako extractor and straight bolt handle that will need tigged on. Also I've got a rock buttoned barrel coming. medium palma fluted. I'll need it chambered, threaded, and installed. And I've got a manners t2 coming to bed it all in. Couple of questions, how are you set for 300 win mag reamers? Also, what kinda lead time are you running now days? I would also like it cerekoted probably, so might price that as well. Anyways, if you could give me a ball park I'd appreciate it!
    6. Jayhawk
      Hello Kevin, hope business is doing good. I asked the other night about changing my 17 Rem to 223 Ackley and you had a couple questions. I definately think blueprinting the action is necesarry and also my bolt has one of those j-locks on it. Would you change that out to a Gre-tan assembly? Also wondering if I decide to do all this do you have a time frame when this work will be completed. Thanks, Kent
    7. loosesniper2000
      Hi Kevin, I was just wondering if you got my previous email I sent you?
      If not shoot one back at me and I'll explain. It's about getting some work done for my new build
      Thanks, Dustin
    8. Robbin
      Thinking about buying a Sightron 10X50X60 with a fine cross hair, thought I'd check with you for a price before I commited somewhere.
    9. D.A.T.
      i am wanting to change a barrel oin a mosin nagant 91/ it hard?
    10. matthewwhaley
      hey kevin
      I have never used this feature before but I sent you an email about a week ago about a model 70 .300 wm that i have a bunch of parts for. I talked to you on the phone about it. was wondering if you are still interested in doing the work. I dont know how to check this but my email is [email protected]
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    Feb 27, 1979 (Age: 40)
    Danville, PA
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    Kevin J. Cram