Where did all the primers Go?

Michael Bent

Aug 17, 2009
Gardiner Montan
hey I'm from Montana and I'm trying to get some CCI large rifle magnum primers and i can't find any any where.

does any one have any ideas where all the primers are going.

the stores i have talked to sound like they are getting little to none in.

i have had a order through Cabelas for 6 months and still haven't gotten them.

i'm starting to get worried because I'm down to about 50 primers and I'm worried that i should stop shooting until i get some more?

More than anything i want to know where all these primers are going.
people around here aren't buying them up as far as i know

I can spare ya a few hundred or so if that will help ya. I am making a trip to the gun show in Missoula this weekend, just in case you are going to that. Other wise I am near Townsend.

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Know how you feel buddy!

We (here in Africa) are way down on the "reloading component ladder", as most of the stuff are imported from you guys anyway. Had a German hunter brought a 1000 RWS5333 (magnum size) primers with from Germany when he came here on safari on a friends farm in July. Almost no stock locally for 6 months already.

Somebody's planning a war somewhere.:)
It's like they have quit making them. Occasionally i run across some in local stores but online? forget it.

Reloading used to be alot more fun. It's like cooking when you don't know if the grocery is going to be open or not.:rolleyes:
I bought 2 boxes of CCI250 at Bradys in Missoula today. Two is all you are allowed. They were $3.99 a box! If you are in the area, they appeared to have a lot of them. I also bought some powder there, though I should have bought a jug last week when I knew they had one that I wanted. It is now gone. Had to settle for a pound. There isn't a 200 grain Accubond in the county- right before big game season.
Let see I got some Federal MLR, CCI ,Winchester and Remington it's been dry for a while now, but there are still place which can supply the demand , but they wont sell more then 500 primers at the time and I don't blame them this way every one can get some at least I can keep my weekend habit and punch holes in the paper.
Where did primers go, hmmm I think my neighbor stock them all up all the way to the attic... Could be your neighbor as well :D
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hey guys thank you so much for the information,

One of you guys said you could spare a couple and I'll take you up on that offer. I've already talked to you about it if your the guy I'm talking about.

but thank you so much guys I'll just keep checking around and i really am excited for this hunting season to get started.
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