Thoughts on RL 25

Produces good velocity in larger cases with heavy bullets.
Not terribly dirty.
Quite temperature sensitive. (Not as ad as RL22 though).
What Lance said, it gave me best velocity in 338 RUM 3000fps 26 in barrel. In 25-06 Good accuracy in RUM and in 25-06- can throw a 115gr at 3200fps with it.

I will sell you 5lbs!!
We shot it in my cousin’s .270 WSM with 165 Matrix bullets and the 170GR. Berger EOL. It made good velocity and shot well, but it’s very temp sensitive. I would look into H1000, IMR 7977, IMR 8133, and even RL26 if you can find it. All of those, excluding RL26, are advertised and made to be “extreme” powders. They handle temp change very well. The newer RL26 is slightly faster burning than RL25 but is more temp stable. It’s not as good as the others mentioned above, but it’s very predictable and less sensitive than RL25 or some of the other older Alliant powders.
I've tried rl-25 in 2 different 7mm RM and it gives good velocity, but I can get a sd anywhere near single digit. Best I could do was 17. Switched to rl26 and first load without any work up was a sd of 11
I have a great load using Rl25 with SD 7 but noticed velocity change of 20fps with only a few degree temp diffrence. Temps were 92 and lost 20fps at 85 which seemed odd. While I know it's not much and other factors could be at play, accuracy was still great. I worry about how much to expect in cold weather. Guess I could just chrono again closer to season and use that velocity. Maybe I am over thinking it
I love it in the 7 STW with the 160gr family of bullets. Accuracy and velocity are great. Here in SC temps do not get crazy in hunting season and distances are generally 400yds and less.
I use buckets of RE25 in 2 of my 300's, can't beat the accuracy, and the temp sensitivity has never been an issue for me.
The load I use runs an ES of only 9, so it is on par with H1000 and RETUMBO loads I run in other rifles.

I really like it's load density, takes up less space at or higher than other powders in the same weight range.
RE19 is the same, fits into compact cartridges better.

I used it with 120gn bullets in 6.5-284Norma for Georgia deer. Great accuracy (1.75-2.00" @ 500yds) and speed (3200+fps). Drifted away from it and went to Retumbo/heavier 'jectiles but at the time I liked it.
Working on a Browning BAR III in .270WSM for a friend, may try some with 130's.
used it in my 7WSM when I was in Houston, great F-Class load with 180 Bergers. Proved to be too temperature sensitive for Las Vegas, so I shifted over to H1000 - works great w/ 180 Berger Hybrids and 195 Bergers.

Works absolutely fantastic in the 375 Zayne. Clean burning with no temperature sensitivity issues to speak of. This powder truly surprised us. We thought we were opening a can of worms by trying it and we have had only success.

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