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  • Nathan

    I understand . I look fforward to hearing how things work out with the 300.

    I just got my barrel back from Jim see with a muscle brake on. Should be making a video shortly. center grip 458 Lott. 350 grains Barnes at 2600something???

    Hey Neal hope lifes been treating you good. I'm currently having a 300 ultra built by benchmark and I also ordered a 6x284 28" long barrel from them as well they should be here next week hopefully. So right now I'm not going to be able to trade just money only.

    Thank you,
    I realize my .300 winnie and my .45-70 would do fine against the Big bears as long as I had the right bullet. I also have a .30-06, and that would be marginal, but should be "OK". But I have another caliber I want to mention-and please don't laugh. I shot some winchester ballistic silvertips through my .30-30 into a 4x6 green-treated extra hard square wooden post. It was a brand new piece of lumber-and the bullet went clean through! Now, I know from my research that the Big bears have about 7 inches of fur and whatever before you get to the vitals, but I've also read that a .30-30 with the right bullet is better than any handgun (besides maybe a .460 S&W or a .500). But, isn't that "personal ballistics test" kinda revealing to the power of a .30-30 and the right bullet as a backup gun for a last resort? Or don't even cosider it?

    Thanks, Max Meyers
    416 Taylor-416 Remington Magnum, 358 Shooting Times Alaskan.

    There are a number of very good books that one may want to read regarding knockout calibers. Many calibers will kill a bear effectively and efficiently. The knockout factors are surface diameter of the bullet/frontal contact area X bullet weight X velocity. Having stated that bears do not read energy charts, getting one's attention when he is bent on doing harm is like comparing a punch from Mike Tyson to one delivered by my 5 foot 120 pound wife.
    A lot of people do foolish things around brown bear. The first is using a caliber that will get-r-done but with the wrong bullet. The other is using a caliber that will get-r-done 9 times out of ten. What if your first and only encounter is that tenth time? I have been in that tenth time a number of times and to date after every occurance I seem to go for a larger cartridge.
    Neal, Thanks for the info regarding my .300 win and my 45-70. I knew I didn't have BB guns. Be patient with my ignorance, but what is a 358STA and a 416? I think the 416 is the .416 rigby, right? Max Meyers
    Hey Neal, thanks for the reply to my question about using RUM dies for the Edge. BTW, I think you have been talking to my buddy, John Rice in MO. He and I are life-long buddies, grew up together and hunt together. He said he has been learning alot about building an EDGE pistol from you. I think I'm going to put together one at the same time. I was very impressed with the video of your recent Edge build. Looks like a ton of fun!

    David Hyde
    AKA Totch
    Like them a lot Steve. definitely more velocity and they are nearly as accurate as the Accubonds. I do not like having to wait 2-3 months to get bullets and the guy in Anchorage only takes orders and doesn't carry an inventory.
    Actually he is getting out of the business.

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