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  • Hey Jeff, there is a guy that just posted on Snipershide looking for a Flir T60. It is in the Snipershide Nightvision Devices Forum, the thread is T-70 and T-75 specs. Could you pm him and let him know I have one I would consider selling. He can pm me here on LRH or call me at 5807752172. Thanks.
    Noel contacted me last week about attending the test shoot so i could bring some of my larger custom rifles, 30 cal LR pistol, 375 snipetac. I might have a 338 Snipetac available if i get time to build it. I told Noel that i was 90% sure i would be able to come, not knowing the
    exact dates.
    Can you give me an idea on what equipment i should bring? Also i have an ATV that i can bring if needed for the desert shoot.
    Noel is supose to send me some bullets for testing, 30cal and 375cals. I will pre test them here. I also have Predator customs and Rock MTN bullets.
    I would be driving in from Eastern Nebraska, 4x4 F 150 truck.

    If you can give me any information that would be apreaciated.

    Dave Viers
    402-635-2333 shop
    712-266-5083 cell

    [email protected] email website

    Just thought I'd let you know I signed up over here. Gonna try a breath of fresh air. What do you think of this site overall?
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