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  • Good Morning retiredcpo. I was just reading through an old thread where you were asking about the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5-284. I didn't see if you ever did your build or bought a rifle in either caliber. If you did what did you choose and why. If you are still considering it and have a Remington action,(I saw that was your prefered gun, but you won't be disappointed with a Savage) check out some of the benchrest gunsmiths and see if the might have a take off barrel from one of their benchrest rifles. Usually they are in the 30" range and can be set back to whatever length you want and basically have a new barrel at less cost. I realize it's 4 years later but ya never know what could happen.

    Have a great one,
    Hey retiredcpo,
    NICE trail cam pics! Wow that thing takes quality photos. What brand, & model is it?
    I got my bear this year, but I'm working out of town, & I only have my "smarter than me phone" so I can't post any pics from it. Mammas computer has a virus, so she can't put the pics on photobuckett, & I can't seem to make my phone put pics on L/R/H. But ill send some to your e-mail if u wanna see em, just lemme know where to send em. Didn't go record book this year, but got another dandy for Oregon public land.
    Good luck on your bear this year.
    hey sorry I dont log in much anymore. Thats cool, do you still hunt around here? if ya do shoot me an email at jacomachine @yahoo.com, wouldnt mind meeting a few more long range guys.
    cpo = Chief Petty Officer. Its a navy paygrade or Rank E-7
    so im a retired chief petty officer from the us navy(22 yrs)
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