More info needed on 243 AI & RL-25


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Dec 12, 2002
Eastern WA
S1 & others who have experience with this combination, could you give some more info on velocities, standard deviation, load info etc. I've been unable to find any load data for the parent case or the 6mm Rem using RL-25, and I have a 8 twist tight necked 243AI that I would like to try this combination in. In a earlier post I believe you recommended 47 grains? I would presume this load needs to be worked up to.
I'm currently testing loads with RL-19,RL22,and IMR-4831 and the Sierra 107MK, Lapua cases, Fed 210M's. Thanks for your assistance.
S1-I went back and re-read your earlier post and see that you recommended 47 grains as a starting point.
How did you develop this load combination? Thanks.
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