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  • Rich,

    I got a few questions for you on the sherman cartridges? Is there a way we can pm or email about them.

    Rich, Have a question for you. Can I get your email address to send it to you there? Thanks,

    Craig Johnson-North Country Outfitters, LLC
    Gday mate, just wondering if you could get dies and a reamer into Australia? Not sure if you sell both. All good if it is too hard.
    Hello Rich,

    I just ordered a reamer and dies for a 30 SM from the website. Do you happen to know the lead time on these items?

    Hello Rich,
    Is 7mm ss brass still on sale? I tried to order some tonight, but when I put the item in the cart, the price went up to $95. Thanks.

    Hope all is well. I have been using N565 in my 7SS with good results. How do you think N560 will do in comparison? Faster?
    I like your comments and thoughts. Don't let some of the negative people keep you from posting.
    Rich, I have emailing you about a 270 Sherman Short. I just realized that you were on the forum. I see your retired forestry. My family has been in the forestry business for 3 generations.

    I’m very excited about building this rifle. I hope I don’t annoy you with questions or recommendations.
    Hi Rich, I think I’m going to put together a 270 Sherman :) looks pretty sweet! It looks like 3000-3150 with the 170s but I can’t find anything on how it handles the lighter stuff? Any feedback with the 129 Barnes LRX and a 26” barrel?
    Hi Rich,this is Jason, down in AL.I've been working with the 6.5sst a lot & I've been working on loads with 147eld-m's. My question is about velocity. I'm using 54-55gr of re26 I cannot reach 3000fps and that's showing pressure signs.I'm using a bartlien 1:8 cut to 25 inches,am I just not able to reach those velocities with the 25inch bbl and the 147's? Any words of advice would greatly be appreciated.Thanks
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