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I do not have a website but feel free to call anytime at 208 755-6723 Sep 23, 2017

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    1. BucksAndBulls
      Hey Rich. It's been so long I can't remember what you were charging for a reamer rental and dies. I'm just about ready for 7ss I have my action and barrel, waiting on a manners stock that's going to be a while. I spoke with Whiden about changing my 6.5 dies to 7, and he said I'd need a new sizer for sure. I think it will just be easier for me to have both sets.
    2. Big Smitty
      Big Smitty
      Hi Rich, I'm looking to build a SS and would like the chance to talk to you about brass, dies and reamers. Would you be willing to take a phone call from me? Thanks Paul
    3. El Matavenados
      El Matavenados
      Rich, I'm dreaming about building a 300sherman out of my RugerM77 30-06 (replacement barrel). The mag limits me to a COAL of 3.4". Can you tell me what kinds of bullets I might be able to load while keeping length at or below 3.4"?
    4. tanner o
      tanner o
      Wondering if you had piece or two worn out 338 Sherman brass I could buy from you?
    5. tanner o
      tanner o
      I would like to talk to you about a project I am interested in doing. I have a 35 Whelen that I think would be cool to turn into a 35 Sherman. I have a couple questions for you about it. Can I give you a call sometime tomorrow?
    6. elkaholic
      I do not have a website but feel free to call anytime at 208 755-6723
    7. thatguyshm
      Do you have a website with information on your cartridges? I have a 7t 6.5 x-cal blank sitting in my safe, I always see references to the Sherman cartridges, but not a heck of a lot of info. Thank you. SHM
    8. MallardAddict
      Good morning sir. I am considering building a 7 SS and am curious about the cost of dues and brass from you. Thank you for your time.
    9. Oldcappj7
      good morning Rich, new to the threads here and live in Reno, NV. area. I would like to rebarrel a pre-64 win in 6.5 Sherman. I don't really have a good smith contact local. Do you have a recommendation on that as well as barrel mfg.etc. Jace Callender
    10. red dawg
      red dawg
      hey Rich, could u post a photo of 270 or2506 and ur shortmag case together?
    11. OKC12LRP
      6.5 SS thread, I'm a new shooter/reloader (243, 6.5cm, 308 & 338LM) very interested in doing your 6.5 SS, ordered an action (big Horn TL3/SA/mag bolt), 6.5mm barrel blank (Krieger 1:8/5r) Norma 7 RSAUM brass, RCBS FL/7 RSAUM (milled 0.105"), neck turning tools and manners stock, do you sell the 6.5 SS dies, shoulder bump gauge and no-go gauge? Or do I need to call Whidden and PTG, chamber reamer (finish reamer?). Thanks, Roger Arens (roger.arens@hotmail.com)
    12. mountinstuff152
      Hi Rich,
      I was referred to you from a thread on here. I am very interested in the 270 Sherman. What kind of barrel life do you expect with this cartridge? Im not a guy that will string shots together, but I like to go out and shoot a lot and want to build something I can enjoy for quite a while without shooting out the throat, that's why I'm not super interested in the big overbores like the 27 nosler etc. This Sherman sure sounds like a pretty awesome cartridge. Do you sell reamers And dies for this cartridge?

      Thank you!
    13. Downrange308
      Hello Rich,
      I am seeking I formation on reamer rental and reloading dies for the 6.5 Sherman cartridge. Would you mind forwarding me pricing? Also the cartridge does have a 40° shoulder correct?

    14. arkrunner
      Good afternoon. Im really interested in the Sherman. I have a pre 64 standard action and have a Brux barrel ordered should finish at 26'. I have a machinist that has barreled several actions. We are interested in chambering my Brux for the 6.5 Sherman. I will need a set of dies also. Barrel should be delievered in 4-6 weeks. Can you put me on the list for a reamer no-turn.
      Thanks elton
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