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  • elkaholic,
    I like your comments and thoughts. Don't let some of the negative people keep you from posting.
    Rich, I have emailing you about a 270 Sherman Short. I just realized that you were on the forum. I see your retired forestry. My family has been in the forestry business for 3 generations.

    I’m very excited about building this rifle. I hope I don’t annoy you with questions or recommendations.
    Hi Rich, I think I’m going to put together a 270 Sherman :) looks pretty sweet! It looks like 3000-3150 with the 170s but I can’t find anything on how it handles the lighter stuff? Any feedback with the 129 Barnes LRX and a 26” barrel?
    Hi Rich,this is Jason, down in AL.I've been working with the 6.5sst a lot & I've been working on loads with 147eld-m's. My question is about velocity. I'm using 54-55gr of re26 I cannot reach 3000fps and that's showing pressure signs.I'm using a bartlien 1:8 cut to 25 inches,am I just not able to reach those velocities with the 25inch bbl and the 147's? Any words of advice would greatly be appreciated.Thanks
    Hi Rich
    I’m looking into building a 6.5 and have been leaning towards the 6.5 saum, but I’ve come across your Sherman and it’s got me very interested as I’ve got a mod 70 pre 64 that would be perfect in the 6.5 Sherman.
    I’m up in Canada can you let me know on the cost of the rental as well price on dies please.
    As for brass what’s your suggestion.

    Hey Rich. It's been so long I can't remember what you were charging for a reamer rental and dies. I'm just about ready for 7ss I have my action and barrel, waiting on a manners stock that's going to be a while. I spoke with Whiden about changing my 6.5 dies to 7, and he said I'd need a new sizer for sure. I think it will just be easier for me to have both sets.
    Hi Rich, I'm looking to build a SS and would like the chance to talk to you about brass, dies and reamers. Would you be willing to take a phone call from me? Thanks Paul
    Rich, I'm dreaming about building a 300sherman out of my RugerM77 30-06 (replacement barrel). The mag limits me to a COAL of 3.4". Can you tell me what kinds of bullets I might be able to load while keeping length at or below 3.4"?
    I would like to talk to you about a project I am interested in doing. I have a 35 Whelen that I think would be cool to turn into a 35 Sherman. I have a couple questions for you about it. Can I give you a call sometime tomorrow?
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