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    7STW 9.25” twist OK for 180’s?

    It should work fine for the Bergers but probably not the ELDM.
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    Winchester 1885 Falling Block

    Ive had a couple B78's and they make an excellent long range rifle if properly set up. I ran a .250" diameter shank and a modified taper Palma barrel to fit in the fore end. It was a 28" barrel that crowned at 750" and you could still use it as a carry rifle but was good well past 1000 yards. I...
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    It was sent through the grapevine so Im not sure what the scoop is? It may not even be retail pricing?
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    Petersen is making brass for the 280 A.I. It would be very easy to form this into Sherman LA cartridges from 25 to 375 or better yet, call them and have them just make formed Sherman brass. I may call them tomorrow and would encourage you guys to as well. It would be an easy die adjustment for...
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    7mm X .338 Lapua?

    30 and 28 Sherman Magnum fit the bill pretty well. Std mag bolt face, no belt, reamers, dies and brass in stock.
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    2021 Purple Heart build

    Turty, turty was big when I grew up there😁😁
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    2021 Purple Heart build

    Just FYI, there will likely be loaded ammo before fall. (custom)
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    Nothing yet George.
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    2021 Purple Heart build

    I'll donate brass and dies for a Sherman if you want to go that route.
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    7mm sherman max

    My guess would be mid 2900's
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    Meet The 6SST

    Yes. The brass is 6.5 and needs necking down.
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    Meet The 6SST

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    Meet The 6SST

    I wish I had a good answer. I know that at about 3175' with a powder like H1000, it would be running pretty cool at very moderate pressure.
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    7mm sherman max

    Beautiful!!! Congrats on a great looking rifle.
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    Which 6.5 Sherman - Sherman Short or Sherman Tactical

    David.....are you sure on that coal? I think the SS with std .175 FB is a little over 3"

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