RL 23 for 25-06 ai ?

25-06-no AI, 120G speers, have loaded RL-16, 23, and 26. All group good. Speed wise in order 26, 16, 23. Temp stability best w/ 16 or 23. Go for it.
I ran RL23 in my .25-06AI under 100 TTSX, 100SMK, and 115 HVLDs. Awesome powder for that cartridge. Out of a 28" barrel, I was getting 3600+ with 100s, and 3450 with 115s.
One of the exceptional deer loads currently is the 100 grain Partition over Re-23. You can use the pointier VLDs if your distance to target gets a little longer but for general hunting the Partition is great!
I went with H1000 and a 115 Berger. Gets me 3350 fps out of a 26” Krieger.
H1000 is getting scarce around me. I have 2lbs of Retumbo and RL 25 is everywhere until they make the 25 Creed
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