25-06 AI for elk..???


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Feb 28, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio
117-120 gr slug....@ say 3100-3200 fps. Is it enough to tackle an elk with...or should one just stay home....:D

Its in my plans to make a mule deer / pronghorn rifle out of it...but ya never can tell.

What say you that use such a SIZED rifle on elk?
i think if you use either a 100 grain TTSX or 115 grain TSX and avoid big bones you will be gtg.
Many an elk falls to a 25-06 around here, I know one guy who only hunts for big bulls and he packs a 25-06. We've killed a bunch using a 250AI just fine and the 25-06 will have a little more sand in it shorts.
Many an elk falls to a 25-06 around here, I know one guy who only hunts for big bulls and he packs a 25-06. We've killed a bunch using a 250AI just fine and the 25-06 will have a little more sand in it shorts.

Okie Doke...thats what I wanted to know. The "AI" version is what I have. Ive been shooting straight 25-06 off and on all day now to get blown out casings. I dont want to sit down and load up 20 or so....I figure I might as well try 1/2 doz different loads and then settle on whats best for rme.

Thanks again for the info
Elk aren't really too hard to kill and the ones around here seem to leave their body armor home most of the time, contrary to what most eggspurts will tell you. I'm thinking that between my family and those that we are close friends with, the quarter bore might've taken more elk than any other caliber, whether it was via 257 Bee or 25/06. The 25/06 A.I. is a total winner.

I'd say 100 TSX at 3300-3400, bring your binos and 2 good knives.
Just my 2 cents. In 2009 I elk hunted out of Pagosa Springs Co. About the 5th eve. I babysat a small wallow from about 275 yards up hill from the water. A young 4x4 came in about 5 pm. and approached the water broadside to me. I was shooting a 25-06 with 115 grain TSX 's at 3200 fps. My first shot was the typical behind the shoulder shot about a third the way up from his chest. He kept drinking without even a flinch. Being somewhat confused I sent the next one to exactly the same spot and again no visible reaction. I,m sitting there thinking , " what the @*&# ! ", and decided on plan B. The third shot was a purposeful broadside shoulder shot . he walked about 20 yards and slowly laid down and died . When my Brother and I began the inspection I discovered that all 3 shots were pass thru's and the shoulder shot blew huge chuncks out of the lower far side shoulder bone. Amazing ! I learned something that day. # 1 Barnes bullets are astonishing . #2 I'll never use them again out of a small caliber bullet because there is just not enough frontal diameter for adequate wound channel size on an animal that big. # 3 I wouldn't hesitate to do it again with with a Partition bullet or an A Frame or any other premium high weight retention fully expanding bullet. The 25-06 will absolutely take down an elk with proper bullet , distance and shot location. Hope this helps !
25-06 was my first hunting rifle as a kid. killed my first 7 elk with it and it did a fantastic job. I would not shoot past 600 yards at elk with it but for the ranges I shot at them as a kid which was around 300 yards average it did great. I have larger elk calibers now but will always have great respect for the 25 caliber that was a great part of my young hunting success.
Murphy's Law........... When it happens, it's probably better to have a bigger gun. That being said, I have worked on an elk farm and "slaughtered" a few my self. A 22lr and a 17hmr will work with a perfect shot but we could control that on the farm. Out in the hunting world, I'd be skeptical to chase after those wapiti with anything less than a 300wm. It's better to have too much gun than not enough. just my .02
Threading needles is far easier done with rigs that balance nicely and recoil nicely too, IME. I love the whole 'needing a 300 Mag' to kill elk thing.
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