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  • did you and your dad hunt elk in unit 85 a few years back? I saw your post and am looking into areas around jackson to hunt next year. Any info would be helpful. Did you fill your tags?
    In the 338 Lapua? If so, i was seating .100" off the lands. If you want a total coal then i will go check for you.
    When you are using your Barnes LRX, what are your seating depths looking like?
    Im starting out using 7828 SSC but might switch to Retumbo
    I sent Rhian the SS reamer but my smith still has the 30375 S.I. reamer. I hope he gets at it soon!!
    Hi Riley.....Just checking to let you know that my smith still has the reamer. He hasn't done my SS yet either; I sent it over to Rhian. I will let you know when he can give it up? You know how smiths are!!.......Rich
    Everywhere :) i just sent you a PM, Im from Dickinson, wind never stops unless its a sunday night at the lake (sakakawea) :rolleyes:
    where is the windy part of north dakota? watford kinda windy but not to bad. yeah got burned on bullets i guess. get home next week and figure something out!
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