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  • Just curious if you could provide any insight into elk hunting unit 6c. What is your opinion on some of the better places to hunt in the unit? Im not trying to steal any of your secrets just hoping I can get a little advice on where to focus. What class of animals can a hunter expect to shoot in the first rifle season? How heavy is the hunting pressure? Is it best to hunt the borders of the caldera or national monument?
    Thanks for any and all advice, I really appreciate it.
    Did u have to install the Wyatt extend box on ur Winchester to shoot the 7 stw and if not how does ur rifle feed and shoot
    I saw on the STW forum that you were headed to NM to hunt the Valles Caldera. I used to work there and did much of the elk work. There have been 2 large fires the last couple of years. In 2011, the eastern third burned in the Las Conchas fire. Then last year, the west side burned in the Thompson Ridge fire. I haven't been up there in awhile but from what I remember, the Rincon unit held a lot of elk as did south mountain. Also unit 13 (Ciero del Medio) was always a producer. The elk might be a bit skitterish due to the past few hunts that have been going on since the beginning of the month. The hunt crew will give you better information when you go to orintation. Good Luck and post some pictures

    If you are interested in the 6.5x284 Norma brass the price is $112.00 for the brass and this includes USPS Priority shipping with tracking. Personnal check is fine. My address is:

    Stan J. Civco
    90 North Colebrook Road
    Norfolk, Connecticut 06058-1117

    Thank you
    Hey can I send you a personal check?? Just easier than getting all the stuff for a money order. I understand you have to sit in it for a few days and I am
    Fine with that. Just make it faster. I'm in surgery all day and will not make it to a bank today.
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