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  • Are you going to use it for a Savage Muzzle loader, or a Savage center fire?
    I just want to make sure you know that there isn't a magwell in the stock.
    Earnhardt, I saw that you have a NXS 5.5-22-56 MOAR hs/zs. Which is exactly what I'm looking for. But the only thing I have that is worth about what you have payed for it is a Remington sendero 700 in 300 ultra I bought brand new about a month ago. It has a vortex viper PST 4-16-50 with ill reticle that was bought about a month ago as we'll. gun has about 55 rounds down the tube and is a tack driver for sure and have the load development to prove it. I still have reciepts for everything. Will include dies, gun, scope, bipod, rings, bases, and 50 pieces of brass. I have a rifle on order with Kirby Allen right now and won't be able to afford a Nightforce scope before it is finished. I work at wholesale sports (which is where I bought the gun from) and can pro form a vortex razor for free so if that would be another interest of yours for a trade I could get you one brand new straight from vortex. Let me know what you think...
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