Super Ultralight LR Bolt Rifle Build


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Oct 2, 2010
Rigby Idaho
Looking for recommendations on parts for a SUPER Ultralight rifle build: as in, the completed rifle, scope, rings, bipod, sling, cheek riser, and muzzle break to be at or under 5lbs (or possibly up to 5.5lbs).

A few considerations:
1. Does anyone know of a lighter weight bipod than the "Neopod" (4oz)"?
2. Caliber preference would be 6.5CM with at least a 22 inch barrel
3. at least a 14 power scope with side focus and adjustable turrets (any quality glass out there lighter than the "leupold VX-3i 4.5-14 with CDS" at 15.1oz?)
4. would need to be capable of .5MOA or better
5. best options for lightweight carbon fiber stocks, barrels, titanium bolts, etc?
6. what are the lightest (but still quality) scope rings out there?
7. I know that something like the Kimber Mountain Ascent is going to be a fairly lightweight setup from the factory (4.75lbs) but I would be looking to shave off another pound or so to accommodate for the weight of the scope and other accessories. (side note, what is the difference between the Mountain Ascent and the 8400, or other cheaper kimber models? do they all have the same barrel and action? wondering how feasible it would be to just put a cheaper model's barrel and action into an ultralight stock?)
8. What are the lightest stocks out there? Anything lighter than the MPI Stocks? (14-16oz I believe).

Thanks for the help!
Kifaru rambling rifle should get you close. They don't make them anymore. Getting sub 5# is gonna be tough. My light rifle has a MPI stock that I paid a bunch of money for. Its not nearly as light as they advertise so I'm not sure I'd recommend them. Mine ended up right at 6# with a 3-9x33 leupold which is 5 ounces lighter than the scope your looking at. If I were trying to build a light rig today I'd start with a titanium action and bolt. Talley one piece rings/bases are about as light as you can get for mounts/rings.
Everything on the mountain ascent is fluted and bare bones as is.
Ditch the scope and use iron sights to cut weight.
Pierce TI "Featherweight" SA in an ADL style set up. 15.2oz w bolt
TacOps carbon fiber bolt knob 1oz (and 1-2oz lighter than alloy knob)
Bartlein #1 "Win Featherweight" and have it fluted and cut to 22". Sub 32oz easy once cut, chambered, and threaded, probably 28oz or less.
MPI Ultra or Micro Lightweight stock 9-15oz
Pierce Lightweight (made by Hawkins) rings 4-5oz
Trigger of your choice ???
Leupold VX-5HD 2-10×42 16.2oz.
I don't know about that. These groups were shot with my 284 win xp100. It's under 5# ready to go with the bipod.



I don't know if comparing an XP to an ultralight rifle it really fair... But they can be made very light and still very easy to shoot well. I think that prone supported with my Savage striker can be more stable than a full rifle. Anyway... as light as you're wanting to go will be very expensive and hard to get. as it was laid out, under 5lbs with a magnified optic and still be useable and safe may be unobtainable.
How many xp's have you shot that were sub 5# with a bipod and optics? I've seen exactly one. I'll agree that a normal weight xp is very stable on a rear bag and bipod. This one isn't. Wiggles all over the **** place. Kicks like a mule too. Even with a brake.
We sort of need the OP to define "LR" here. A 6.5CM 22" barrel is not a LR rifle by most considerations on this site.

Make it a ridiculously lightweight rifle, and it's impossible to give advice, because such a rifle is impractical for the intended application.
Don’t think I have seen a “real” rifle with a 14x scope at 5lbs...

That means the bare rifle is 4lbs. Only a huge pile of money will get you there.....
I bought a Christensen Arms 6.5 mm bore 26" long and a Pac-Nor 6.5mm bore 26" long that matches the Weatherby Mark V six lug ultra light profile. The stainless barrel was fluted by Twisted Barrel to reduce weight. Both weighed 40 ounces before chambering.
That's a great example rich, looks like you're almost 75% of the way to the weight in just an ultralight barrel alone. To save appreciable weight, you'd have to almost run a 16" or 18" pencil thin fluted barrel.
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