1. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED MDT HNT26 Chassis REM 700 LA Folding with Arca Rail

    MDT HNT26 chassis Rem 700 Long Action inlet Right Hand inlet Cobalt Green Folding Stock Arca Rail forend These are $1699.95 plus tax from MDT, and they are only available on backorder. I waited over 4 months to get mine. These are the lightest chassis on the market, lighter than the magnesium...
  2. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30mm Nightforce Ultralight

    Selling Two sets of Nightforce Ulralite 30mm rings in medium /1.000 inch height. Asking $130 TYD per set via PayPal F&F.
  3. W

    Chassis rifle builds vs high end production rifles for backpack LRH and south paws.

    I am a new member and I am very excited to interact with this community. After two years of trying, I convinced my wife it's time for a new rifle. She signed my permission slip on Monday, and I'm ready to go! As a disclaimer, I'm set on a 300wm - I have everything I need to reload 300wm, I'm...
  4. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED NF 34mm ultralight rings, medium height

    Selling a set of NightForce (NF) 34mm ultralight rings, 1” medium height. Rings have never been mounted. Was going to use them, but switched back to a 30mm tube scope. Asking $130 TYD. Only trade would be for a 30mm Flatline Ops Sniper Level.
  5. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold VX 6 CDS 3-18x44 T MOA

    FOR SALE: Leupold VX 6 3-18x44 , T MOA reticle. has a couple small handling marks(see pics) also have 3 custom turrets and a standard MOA turret. Original Box, paperwork, and bikini cover. Glass is perfect. I have never had an issue with this scope, tracks perfect. $750 TYD. References by...
  6. P

    new swaro Z5 2.4-12x50 for lightweight build

    In considering the many compromises associated with a "lightweight" or "ultralight" hunting rifle build... I've been debating what the ultimate lightweight scope might offer: Seems like the scopes with the best glass/decent power/adjustable turrets all weigh well over 20, if not 30 plus ounces...
  7. P

    Fierce Rifles options? Brown Precision Stocks? Anyone have experience with them?

    Curious if anyone has experience putting a Fierce Barreled action into a different stock? For an ultralight rifle: I like the idea of their lightweight titanium action with the carbon fiber barrel, but I think I could do better than 24 ounces on the stock... (Brown Poundrs are supposed to be...
  8. P

    who builds the most accurate ultralight hunting rifle?

    Ive been shooting lightweight rifles for a while now (kimber mountain ascent in 6.5cm is one for example... 4lbs 13oz). However, I want more oomph and more accuracy. Is it possible to make a sub 5.25lb 28Nosler, with a 26 inch or longer carbon fiber barrel, kevlar or carbon thumbhole style...
  9. P

    Spreadsheet to determine best long range hunting cartridge

    In case anyone else finds this (often debated) topic interesting: Ive been planning on setting up another long range capable rifle. With SO SO SO many caliber and cartridge choices available, it is difficult to evaluate which one has the most to offer. The following link is to a Google Sheet...
  10. hrnhntr

    Nightforce Extreme Duty Ultalight 34mm rings

    Set of 34mm medium rings (1”), mounted once for 40 rounds. No blemish, like new condition. $130 Shipped CONUS
  11. MTSLW

    NF ultralight rings 30mm $125

    In good shape other than the marks on the tightening nuts as shown. Believe they are Med height. $125 shipped.
  12. P

    Super Ultralight LR Bolt Rifle Build

    Looking for recommendations on parts for a SUPER Ultralight rifle build: as in, the completed rifle, scope, rings, bipod, sling, cheek riser, and muzzle break to be at or under 5lbs (or possibly up to 5.5lbs). A few considerations: 1. Does anyone know of a lighter weight bipod than the...
  13. S

    McMillan Edge - Hunter or Tactical Now Shipping

    What's The Edge? It is a pure carbon fiber layup (as opposed to standard fiberglass cloth). This not only strengthens but also lightens the stock about 1/2 lb. under the standard version. I just weighed them: Hunter - 22 oz. ; Tactical 30 oz. This is out of the box with Decelerator pad and...