McMillan Edge - Hunter or Tactical Now Shipping

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  1. Stocky

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    Apr 7, 2009

    What's The Edge? It is a pure carbon fiber layup (as opposed to standard fiberglass cloth). This not only strengthens but also lightens the stock about 1/2 lb. under the standard version. I just weighed them:

    Hunter - 22 oz. ; Tactical 30 oz.
    This is out of the box with Decelerator pad and studs.

    Tactical is pre-fit for our M5 Stealth Detachable Mag (AI) system, also fits Badger and comparable aftermarket mag kits I'm told.

    Here's the links:
    McMillan Hunter's Edge Carbon Fiber Ultra-Light Remington 700 788 600 Stock

    McMillan A3 Edge Tactical Ultralight CARBON FIBER Stock

    Our McMillan Pre-Fit Guarantee: If your stock doesn't fit your rifle out of the box simply send the stock and your rifle to Ryan M. at McMillan for a complementary fitting!


    Don B.
Thread Status:
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