1. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS-TA Elite tactical stock for Rem 700 SA *** price reduced ***

    Manners MCS-TA Elite tactical stock for Rem 700 short action, right hand. 100% carbon fiber. Scorched earth camo pattern. Adjustable check rest. Pillar bedded. Two front swivel studs. New price is $800 and how many weeks for factory to build one? (Many). Only used for benchrest...
  2. H

    Boyd’s pro varmint dimensions

    Hi all. I have been looking quite a bit but have came up empty when trying to find dimensions for the Boyd’s pro varmint stock. I ordered one a week ago and I am wanting to know how big the channel in the forend is so I can find some appropriately sized lead weights. If I could get dimensions...
  3. T

    WTB Kimber Hunter Stock

    I’m wanting a kimber hunter carbon stock. They are difficult to find.
  4. whirlwindjml

    Savage choate folding stock

    Keeping my eyes open for the old choate folding stocks. La or short action. Thanks, joel
  5. bbckfh

    McMillan Game Hunter, R700, SA, RH

    Stock for Sale: I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new; the action was fitted but never bedded. Model: McMillan Game Hunter Fill: Ultra-lite Carbon shell Inlet: Remington/clone Short Action/RH Bottom: BDL Channel: Proof...
  6. Huskershooter6.5

    Adjustable or non adjustable

    Hey guys, so hoping to finally start the custom build this spring. Currently deciding between ag composites alpine hunter or manners eh1. My question is there a good way to figure out if I need an adjustable stock or not? If I went adjustable I’m leaning ag because it’s only 8oz more than the...
  7. moa_shooter

    Adaptive Tactical Tac Hammer RM4 Ruger 10/22

    Im looking to Buy a Adaptive Tactical Tac Hammer RM4 Ruger 10/22 in any of the colors expect black, kryptek camo and stone blue.
  8. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen Arms ridgeline stock-brand new-$200

    This is off of a brand new ridgeline. Has two swivel studs up front. Remington 700 Long action, BDL bottom metal. Barrel channel fits christensens Carbon barrel. So I would call it sendero. Bedded at the recoil lug area. Weighs 30 ounces. Great stock, just not my style. $200 OBO shipped
  9. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Boyd's Thumbhole Laminate Wby./Howa LA

    Used Boyd's Laminate Thumbhole stock for Weatherby Vanguard or Howa 1500 Long Action. Stock is used with light wear, but still in good shape overall. 125 to your door.
  10. KenParker

    Stock decision for a 300 Norma Mag

    Hello, after 2 years I almost finish my hunting-long range shooting rifle in 300 Norma Mag: so far I got a new REM 700 action, Lothar Walther Medium Palma barrel, MDM 5 port BEAST muzzle brake, timney calvin elite 2 stage trigger. I have a question about a stock: I'm about to order a...
  11. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Iota Kremlin Stock

    iota Kremlin stock for sale. Limbsaver recoil pad. In great condition. Molded in color. Inletted for Remington 700 Long action/clones and hinged floor plate bottom metal. Currently has full length bedding from a Stiller predator action. My other Rem 700 clones have fit in this current bed job...
  12. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen Arms Thumbhole Stock

    Christensen Arms Thumbhole Stock. All carbon fiber for Remington 700 long action right hand. 2 years old in almost new condition. Black with gray webbing color. 2 sling studs. Weight on the web site says 1 lb 13.6 oz price for new on web site is $964 will sell for $700 shipped.
  13. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS-EH4 -sold

    Stock for Sale: I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that never materialized. It’s brand new, never been bedded. Might be the perfect stock for a mountain rifle, and can accept larger barrels like a proof. Manners said they'd be good enough to open up the barrel channel if you...
  14. 808mike

    Pre 64 Win 70 McMillan stock

    New in the box pre 64 McMillan that i purchased off another site. That wasnt described correctly. Barrel channel is 1inch. 550.00 freight include execpt for Alaska . Sorry if your from Alaska freight will be a bit more. USA sale only.
  15. E

    Gun Parts For Sale

    Defiance Deviant Action Long Heavy Tang 3 Position Safety Jewel Trigger For Sale to FFL McMillan Stock A3-5 Adj. Set-up for the above action Inleaded for M24 2” PIC rail 4 end Action & Stock, new, never mounted. $2,300.00
  16. BoatTail

    McMillan Remington Hunter Edge Stock For Sale

    New, in the box McMillan Remington Hunter black rifle stock with palm swell and Enhanced Edge fill for heavy magnum. Machined-In Pillars, RH, Long action Rem 700 BDL, full inlet for Remington 700 Long Action and Proof Research Sendero barrel channel, 1.200" dia, w/ 2" cyl, HUNT-FULL INLET, 1"...
  17. mohsey

    SOLD/EXPIRED Left Hand SPS Stock, Barrel, X-Mark Trigger from R700 223

    I have the following from a brand new Remington 700 SPS Varmit 223, 223 Varmit Barrel - Never fired Left Hand X-Mark Trigger Left Hand R700 SPS Stock (Short Action, BDL) I am not sure what these are worth but figured I would post them up for best offers. Pictures to follow...
  18. D

    Can anyone mimic Proof Research stock paint?

    Looking for someone who can mimic the FDE camo (snakelike) on proof’s rifles. Is there anyone out there who could do it for me? thx
  19. E

    Rem 700 sa stock

    Looking to buy a remote 700 short action stock. Manners EH1 or EH1a. McMillan or possibly Mesa. Building a 6.5 prc for my daughter so girly colors are ok! Let me know what you have!
  20. 3

    Hogue Stock for Weatherby/Howa Long Act.

    I have a hogue overmold, pillar bedded in black for long action weatherby vanguard or howa 1500. Used very little, great condition. $100 tyd. Thanks, no trades