1. K

    Hogue Rifle Stock for Mod 70 SA

    I sold the .243 Mod 70 rifle with original stock, so this like new stock needs to go. From Hogue, this is model 07922. It is for a Winchester Model 70 Short Action, Featherweight barrel (stock barrel for me), 1 Piece Trigger Guard, Full Length 7075 Aluminum Bed Block. Ghillie Tan in color...
  2. T

    Hera Arms CQR Stock Blk.

    I got a Hera Arms CQR stock I wanna sell. Black, used and like new. I have installed it before but it's been in the gun case pretty much the whole time I've had it. I've got the box it came in as well, it is in good shape too, and the two extra stock spacers that are sold separately. 3 in total...
  3. T

    For Sale MDT LSS-XL Gen2 for Savage SA

    MDT LSS-XL Gen2 chassis for Savage SA. Used, but great condition. Action screws included. $400 shipped to 48 states. I take Zelle, Venmo, MO.
  4. Recoil Junkie

    SOLD/EXPIRED Magpul AR stocks

    All are are in excellent condition and working order. Prices are shipped. 1 Gen 1 PRS FDE - $150 SOLD 1 Gen 1 PRS OD Green - $150 1 ACS Mil-spec carbine OD Green - $50
  5. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED MDT HNT26 Chassis REM 700 LA Folding with Arca Rail

    MDT HNT26 chassis Rem 700 Long Action inlet Right Hand inlet Cobalt Green Folding Stock Arca Rail forend These are $1699.95 plus tax from MDT, and they are only available on backorder. I waited over 4 months to get mine. These are the lightest chassis on the market, lighter than the magnesium...
  6. C

    Manners Mcs-eh6

    Manners mcs-eh6 Inlet for Stiller predator long action and stiller Bdm barrel channel will take up to Bartlein #3 was not bedded stock is a year old and had around 400 rounds on it. 28oz $700 tyd
  7. Tiger260

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB-McMillan Hunter Rem700 S/A

    New in Box - McMillan Hunter Rem700-SA BDL inlet. Standard fill, O.D. Green. Stock has never been used nor bedded. Sitting in box waiting on a project that never happened. Fits regular sporter contour barrels, not Sendero. According to McMillian customer service, Bergara B14 barrelled action...
  8. Recoil Junkie

    Remington 870 Synthetic stock kit.

    This is an original Remington synthetic stock kit in excellent condition. $65 shipped
  9. L

    MDT Carbine to fixed stock adapter

    I have an MDT carbine to fixed stock adapter I’m not using. Installed it on my rifle but it didn’t give me a good length of pull so I took it off and put it in a drawer. Retail for $50. $35 shipped to you.
  10. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED New HMR stock

    Getting rid of a new HMR stock, off of my Bergara HMR pro. The stock was bedded, I mounted a forearm pic rail and two round holder on it and ended up switching to a chassis. Inletted for SA 700 and clones, includes bottom metal, action bolts, and all 3 LOP spacers. Asking $350 shipped Will...
  11. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED HS Precision Rem 700 LA stock

    For sale, HS Precision rifle stock with Remington 700 LA inlet. This stock was on my Sendero for a couple of months, I recently swapped to a chassis type stock. In great shape, includes all swivel studs, and adjustable kydex cheek riser; no bottom metal included. It has full aluminum bedding...
  12. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Mcmillan Game Hunter rem700 LA

    Perfect condition mcmillan game hunter right hand stock for Remington 700 LA and clones. Urban Carbon ambush color. Spot bedded at recoil lug. I had a Christensen ridgeline in this stock, I opened up barrel channel slightly at very end. Will allow proof sendero contour. $600
  13. A

    Alpine Supreme Mauser build

    Hi All, I have a commercial Mauser action based rifle that I'd like to make into something. Its got a broken stock (how I got it) but I'd also like to get it rebarreled to something with better reach (it is currently chambered in 308.) I am envisioning something of a range gun that is still...
  14. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS-TA Elite tactical stock for Rem 700 SA *** price reduced ***

    Manners MCS-TA Elite tactical stock for Rem 700 short action, right hand. 100% carbon fiber. Scorched earth camo pattern. Adjustable check rest. Pillar bedded. Two front swivel studs. New price is $800 and how many weeks for factory to build one? (Many). Only used for benchrest...
  15. Hunt_4life

    Boyd’s pro varmint dimensions

    Hi all. I have been looking quite a bit but have came up empty when trying to find dimensions for the Boyd’s pro varmint stock. I ordered one a week ago and I am wanting to know how big the channel in the forend is so I can find some appropriately sized lead weights. If I could get dimensions...
  16. T

    WTB Kimber Hunter Stock

    I’m wanting a kimber hunter carbon stock. They are difficult to find.
  17. whirlwindjml

    Savage choate folding stock

    Keeping my eyes open for the old choate folding stocks. La or short action. Thanks, joel
  18. bbckfh

    McMillan Game Hunter, R700, SA, RH

    Stock for Sale: I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new; the action was fitted but never bedded. Model: McMillan Game Hunter Fill: Ultra-lite Carbon shell Inlet: Remington/clone Short Action/RH Bottom: BDL Channel: Proof...
  19. Huskershooter6.5

    Adjustable or non adjustable

    Hey guys, so hoping to finally start the custom build this spring. Currently deciding between ag composites alpine hunter or manners eh1. My question is there a good way to figure out if I need an adjustable stock or not? If I went adjustable I’m leaning ag because it’s only 8oz more than the...
  20. moa_shooter

    Adaptive Tactical Tac Hammer RM4 Ruger 10/22

    Im looking to Buy a Adaptive Tactical Tac Hammer RM4 Ruger 10/22 in any of the colors expect black, kryptek camo and stone blue.