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  • I'm looking into the laminated stocks off the website for a TC Encore Pro Hunter. Just curious if it will need any new screws and if so what size. It looked like the buttstock would have the right screw but it mentioned something bout screws for the forearm. I wanted to know if it would work with the pro hunter forearm screw or if it need something else. If you know anything is appreciated.
    Stock arrived this morning, three days ahead of the scheduled delivery date! Thanks for the great service.
    Just ordered my B&C Medalist Tactical/Varmint '98 Mauser stock for upcoming .280AI build. Was hoping to find a promo code for LRH members but nogo. How often and what type of promo codes do you issue? I know a lot of sponsors have a general code for forum members for a small discount. Not complaining, your price was the cheapest I could find on the web but I like to patronize forum sponsors and it's nice when I can offer a customer a little extra savings.
    Hello! I am about ready to order one of your LRS stocks for my Interarms Mark X action that came in a H&R Model 340 from the mid 1980's. I've narrowed it down to two different low lustre finish choices. I'd REALLY like to see a complete rifle with the two stocks that I like before making a choice if I could. The ones I like are the Birch one (that you have in your avatar) or the more traditional dark brown color. I know you can't really help me choose a color, but do you know where I might find photos of some completed rifles with the LRS stocks?

    Let me know and thanks much,

    When you going to have another $88.88 special on the Boyds' Jon R. Sundra Classic Riflestock Pepper Gray Laminate Remington 700 fits SPS, BDL & CDL - Special Purchase!


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