1. Tiger260

    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB-McMillan Hunter Rem700 S/A

    New in Box - McMillan Hunter Rem700-SA BDL inlet. Standard fill, O.D. Green. Stock has never been used nor bedded. Sitting in box waiting on a project that never happened. Fits regular sporter contour barrels, not Sendero. According to McMillian customer service, Bergara B14 barrelled action...
  2. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Mcmillan Game Hunter rem700 LA

    Perfect condition mcmillan game hunter right hand stock for Remington 700 LA and clones. Urban Carbon ambush color. Spot bedded at recoil lug. I had a Christensen ridgeline in this stock, I opened up barrel channel slightly at very end. Will allow proof sendero contour. $600
  3. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 hulk Norma Improved

    300 hulk with 500 rounds down the barrel. Shoots the 190 vld over 3300 FPS. Extremely accurate with 1/3 moa accuracy. 70 Norma brass. 28” barrel fluted. Jewel trigger. Pierce action single shot with rail. Nightforce rings. 30 power huskemaw scope. McMillan ultralight stock. 11 pound gun...
  4. bbckfh

    McMillan Game Hunter, R700, SA, RH

    Stock for Sale: I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new; the action was fitted but never bedded. Model: McMillan Game Hunter Fill: Ultra-lite Carbon shell Inlet: Remington/clone Short Action/RH Bottom: BDL Channel: Proof...
  5. sheffe

    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan Hunter stock-EDGE - NEW

    Sold!!! McMillan Hunter stock with edge fill. Inlet for 700 SA or clones. BDL bottom inlet. McMillan Hunter stock with edge fill. Inlet for 700 SA or clones. BDL bottom inlet. Very light 27oz. New stock never beded or mounted. Stock has their textured black paint with grey species. Nice...
  6. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler in mcmillan game hunter

    Christensen arms ridgeline 28 nosler bedded in a mcmillan game hunter. Christensen's side port brake. 20 MOA nightforce rail bedded to receiver. Triggertech trigger. 70 rounds exactly through it. Shoots awesome with the only two bullets I’ve tried: 180 Berger hybrid (lowest ES load @ 3130) and...
  7. R

    300 Norma Improved Defiance McMillan

    300 Norma Improved ( Tom Sarver reamer) Rifle has roughly 460 rounds down the barrel shooting Berger 210s. Rifle is as accurate as they come. Shoots consistent 2-3" groups at 1k. Very forgiving when loading. I have 2 proven loads with Norma brass and Retumbo. Gun weighs #9 lbs without optics...
  8. TX mountain hunter

    Custom WTO 338 Edge Rifle or Rifle Scope Combo (KUIU, Krieger, Stiller, McMillan, single set, Nightforce), 1/4 - 1/2 MOA: $3,150 +

    Custom WTO 338 Edge Rifle or Rifle Scope Combo (KUIU, Krieger, Stiller, McMillan, single set, Nightforce), 1/4 - 1/2 MOA: $3,150 + Price options: Rifle + Nightforce NXS Scope, rings, level + Dies + Load Data + Brass + Loaded + Shipped = $4,700 (this week only will also throw in the atlas...
  9. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners MCS-EH4 -sold

    Stock for Sale: I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that never materialized. It’s brand new, never been bedded. Might be the perfect stock for a mountain rifle, and can accept larger barrels like a proof. Manners said they'd be good enough to open up the barrel channel if you...
  10. 808mike

    Pre 64 Win 70 McMillan stock

    New in the box pre 64 McMillan that i purchased off another site. That wasnt described correctly. Barrel channel is 1inch. 550.00 freight include execpt for Alaska . Sorry if your from Alaska freight will be a bit more. USA sale only.
  11. S

    Developing a Long Range Hunting System

    Hi everyone! I’m just firing up a YouTube channel for precision rifle and hunting related topics. This is the first video I did showing the basics to starting precision load development. Hopefully there’s some useful information in here for someone. This is the first of a series of videos on...
  12. E

    Gun Parts For Sale

    Defiance Deviant Action Long Heavy Tang 3 Position Safety Jewel Trigger For Sale to FFL McMillan Stock A3-5 Adj. Set-up for the above action Inleaded for M24 2” PIC rail 4 end Action & Stock, new, never mounted. $2,300.00
  13. BoatTail

    McMillan Remington Hunter Edge Stock For Sale

    New, in the box McMillan Remington Hunter black rifle stock with palm swell and Enhanced Edge fill for heavy magnum. Machined-In Pillars, RH, Long action Rem 700 BDL, full inlet for Remington 700 Long Action and Proof Research Sendero barrel channel, 1.200" dia, w/ 2" cyl, HUNT-FULL INLET, 1"...
  14. D

    Bighorn Origin Build

    I'm in the process of gathering parts for an Origin build. I would like this to be done with the barrel nut so I can work on it myself (I've done Savage barrel swaps). I currently have a McMillan Gamestalker that has the Remington Sendero inlet. My question is, will I be able to easily sand...
  15. M

    Manners MCS-T Elite Tac NIB

    I have a brand new-in-box Manners MCS-T with the Elite Tactical Carbon Fiber fill, aluminum pillars installed (by Manners) for a Remington long action or clone. It was built to be light weight. Set up for as much as M24/MTU contour barrel or smaller. Bipod stud on the bottom, with flush cups on...
  16. Tanner Phipps

    McMillan Game Hunter $625 obo

    McMillan Game Hunter Edge Tech Fill Rem 700 LA Inlet Remington Varmint or Proof Sendero Lite BDL Bottom Metal Black and Silver Custom Paint by Rocky Mountain Custom Coatings Super Light - 1.7 lbs Asking 625 obo
  17. K

    McMillan HTG Adjustable - Whidden V-Block

    Posted on other forums as well... Looking to sell this McMillan HTG Has an adjustable cheek piece, and a couple stock spacers along with a Limbsaver recoil pad. I bought this at the beginning of the year from another forum. It came with the CDI bottom metal. The previous owner had it bedded for...
  18. SierraTwo

    Remington 700 Stocks - McMillan, Manners, Taylor Precision

    The older I get, the more I realize one of two things needs to happen: the rifle needs to get lighter or I need to get in shape. The likelihood of one of those things happening is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the other :confused: As such, I've been bitten by the carbon fiber (stock) bug and I...
  19. B

    6.5 creedmoor by ga precision

    I have a remington 700 action built by matt hoch of GA. No ga stamp only builder stamp. Badger recoil lug, bartlein barrel in Remington varmint contour. I believe its 22 inches if memory serves me correctly. Has 20 moa seekins base and seekins bottom metal. Timney 510 trigger. Bedded in a...
  20. J

    McMillan A5 Stock with Seekins Bottom Metal - $700 Shipped

    Excellent condition A5 stock with Seekins bottom metal for AICS mags. Inlet for Rem 700 SA. Stock has McMillan hardware for adjustable comb and also adjustable length of pull. Barrel channel is a little larger than Rem Varmint. Measures 1.35" at lug and 1.2" at the muzzle end. Stock has pillars...