McMillan Game Hunter, R700, SA, RH


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Mar 12, 2017
Stock for Sale:

I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new; the action was fitted but never bedded.

Model: McMillan Game Hunter
Fill: Ultra-lite Carbon shell
Inlet: Remington/clone Short Action/RH
Bottom: BDL
Channel: Proof Sendero
Pad: 1” Decelerator
Weight: approximately 28oz
Studs: 3 sling studs – 2 front/1 rear
Finish: Woodland Transition Camo
Price: Asking $700, shipped (new from McMillan is $710 + shipping)
Payment: Paypal, Venmo, cash or check. If check, will hold shipment until payment clears.


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PVA did minor fitting of the barrel to the channel. It had been inlet for the sendero profile already and they cleaned it up in final fitting.
Ahh. It looks like some extensive mods were done to the mag well area. I have a Nucleus and is why I’m asking. Did this come from McMillan inletted for the Nucleus or for a 700. McMillan offers ARC Nucleus inlet and that’s why I ask. I’ve been looking for a different stock from my KRG that I have.
It came inlet for a R700. I then sent it to PVA.
They told me after the fact that the BDL bm and a nucleus were incompatible (things I wish I’d known) and the options were to switch to a mausingfield or DBM.
Rather than either of those, which would require a new action or new stock, I’m parting out the project.
Joe said that he’d gotten it to almost fit together, and the hang-up wasn’t the stock, it was the interface of the BM and the action.
I didn’t want to advertise it as fit to the nucleus because it wasn’t finally bedded. But it should fit your nucleus, I’d imagine (although you may run into the same problem as me).

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