1. L

    For Sale 30cal bullets

    Hornady 168 gr match. .30 each Nosler ballistic tip 125. .49 each Rem 180 gr pro- hunter. .39 each Plus postage to con USA
  2. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED Timney 517 trigger, RH

    Trigger for Sale: I’m selling an extra trigger that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new and unfired. Model: Timney 517, right hand, black, with safety For make: Remington/clone Price: Asking $150, shipped. Would be $150+shipping from Brownells...
  3. bbckfh

    SOLD/EXPIRED TriggerTech Primary, RH

    Trigger for Sale: I’m selling an extra trigger that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new and unfired. Model: Trigger Tech Primary For make: Remington/clone Price: Asking $150, shipped. Would be $160+shipping from Brownells Payment: Paypal, Venmo, cash...
  4. bbckfh

    McMillan Game Hunter, R700, SA, RH

    Stock for Sale: I’m selling an extra stock that I had for a build that’s evaporated thanks to our friend ‘rona. It’s brand new; the action was fitted but never bedded. Model: McMillan Game Hunter Fill: Ultra-lite Carbon shell Inlet: Remington/clone Short Action/RH Bottom: BDL Channel: Proof...
  5. T

    Remington 700 bolt raceway reamer

    Is there any where I can rent a .705 dia bolt way reamer, rather than paying 200 plus to just use it once?
  6. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED Safe Clean Out, Remington 700, AR-15, Nightforce

    I went through my safe today and need to unload some of the guns I haven’t shot in a while. 1st Remington 700 SPS Tactical 300 AAC Blackout w/ Nikon P-300 blackout 2-7x32 bdc super-sub reticle. Less than rounds down the tube. Mostly subs. SOLD 2nd H&R AAC Handi-rifle 16” 300 Blackout...
  7. T


    Hey guys, I’m looking for a 280ai in a factory or custom build. Not sure on budget yet, but unless it’s scoped I really don’t want to spend over $2k. Message what you have.
  8. Bghunter338

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 Saum ammo

    I have 200 factory Remington 150gr Core lokts. Will sell the whole thing for $550. That comes out to $55 dollars a box of twenty. When Midway sells it for $68.99 for a box of twenty. I'm selling the whole thing at once or you can purchase a box of 50 at a time. They will come in MTM ammo box's...
  9. W

    Remington 700 BDL 30/06

    Looking for interesting trades- PM with offers of trade. $1200obo Looking for Remington 1100 .410 or 20ga. Thermal Rifle scope with recording or? Ruger 77 rifles in stainless Nice gun, not a safe queen. See the pics. PM with questions. More pics available Gun is Indiana Shipping to FFL
  10. Overkill338

    Those of you who suggested Triggertech

    Thank you! Holy crap, I knew the factory X-Mark Pro was crap, but I didn't know how crappy it was until now. I didn't touch the adjustment, so it's somewhere around 2 lbs. It is still night and day different than the factory bang switch. I'm a fan of flat triggers, so thats the way I went.
  11. T

    6.5-06 SS remington 700 barrel 150$

    Got a 6.5-06 24in SS remington 700 barrel, appears to be a custom barrel only markings are caliber stamp .80 inch at muzzle. 1-9 twist(cleaning rod test) riflings look very good looks like a low count tube 150$ shipped, if no interest I'll throw it on ebay
  12. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Sendero (1994) 300wm

    For sale: Remington 700 Sendero, first generation from 1994 with fluted blued barrel. Less +/- 80 round in like new condition. Comes with Seekins 20moa base and original owners manual SOLD shipped to FFL, CONUS. payment options: personal check, money order, certified bank check, paypal friend...
  13. I

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Sendero SF 300 SAUM

    Hi all, I am in the process of thinning out my safe. I was collecting these Sendero’s a while back and need to send this one and maybe a few others down the road. This is a Remington 700 Sendero Stainless Fluted chambered 300 SAUM, which is what I believe (correct me if I am wrong) to be a rare...
  14. N

    Is this gun store being dishonest?

    Hi im new and not sure if this fits here, i will remove if it does not. I'm in the process of trying to buy my first gun. Where i live the choices are very limited and the prices are quite high when converted to usd. My best option i could find is a new remington 700 vtr, i assume it did not...
  15. J

    Remington 700 Sendero 300 win mag w/ a blued and fluted barrel (first generation)

    I have an excellent condition first generation Remington 700 Sendero 300 win mag w/ a fluted barrel. C prefix action with a Barrel date code AO (March 1994). I bought it for my collection and shot about 60 rounds through it. It was unfired when I bought it. It was well taken care of and has...
  16. S

    WTT/WTS Custom 22-250 AI

    Wanting to sell or trade my 22-250 AI built by Mike Davis at Davis Custom Rifles. Looking for a Christensen Ridgeline in 6.5CM or 6.5 PRC, or a Barrett Fieldcraft in 6.5CM (threaded). Those are my main interests, but would entertain others. Rifle Specs: -Rem 700 Blueprinted Short Action -27”...
  17. mohsey

    SOLD/EXPIRED Left Hand SPS Stock, Barrel, X-Mark Trigger from R700 223

    I have the following from a brand new Remington 700 SPS Varmit 223, 223 Varmit Barrel - Never fired Left Hand X-Mark Trigger Left Hand R700 SPS Stock (Short Action, BDL) I am not sure what these are worth but figured I would post them up for best offers. Pictures to follow...
  18. M

    Muzzlebrake on muzzleloader?

    Hey y’all, I recently acquired a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader, and after a bit of range time am pretty satisfied overall with it. However, at max charge with 4 pellets of 777, my shoulder is less than satisfied to say the least. I took it to my gunsmith and he was a little apprehensive about...
  19. C

    7mm Blazer Norma brass

    For sale 7mm Blazer Norma brass. 100 piece bags. New. Pm for info.
  20. Bjt308

    Hornady 22-250 brass 100 pieces

    New unfired hornady 22-250 brass. 100 pieces asking $55.00 shipped from worland, WY