1. Jp40x

    1951 or 41 pre 64 Model 70 Bolt or possibly rifle

    I know the odds are slim but I’m looking for a pre 64 1951standard caliber bolt assembly for a 22-250. I prefer the entire assembly so I don’t have to part hunt. I can buy it or trade for it depending on what someone’s looking to do. I would also trade for a rough entire rifle but I don’t...
  2. jbronner13

    Pre-64 Winchester 70 Bolt Assembly- Style 4/Group 5

    Looking for a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Bolt Assembly, seem they have all but dried up and I have a 1954 Receiver I'd like to build out. If anyone has a bolt assembly lying around from 1952-1959 - serial # 225001 - 450500, I am interested in purchasing!
  3. G

    Tikka t3 bolt stop pin falls out.

    So when i try to remove my bolt from the tikka t3 the pin that holds the boltstop sometimes falls out and into the rifle stock, how can i make sure it will stay in?
  4. Dutzy

    Defiance machine deviant sa bolt, new in box

    Hello All, I am new here, but please if you have any questions about feedback or references please let me know. I am paying member to the site, my other passion is golf. If anyone visits you can look me up as "Dutz" or my ebay "Dutz054," my social media is all @dutz054. I will...
  5. W

    wanted: 240 weatherby bolt-long action

    Hello, We are seeking a weatherby vanguard long action bolt for the .240 weatherby cartridge. Most rifles in this caliber are shorter action. Let me know, wildcat westerner
  6. P

    Super Ultralight LR Bolt Rifle Build

    Looking for recommendations on parts for a SUPER Ultralight rifle build: as in, the completed rifle, scope, rings, bipod, sling, cheek riser, and muzzle break to be at or under 5lbs (or possibly up to 5.5lbs). A few considerations: 1. Does anyone know of a lighter weight bipod than the...
  7. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Larue OBR Complete Bolt Assembly (Brand new, unused)

    For sale is a brand-new/unused complete bolt assembly for the Larue OBR. Includes complete bolt assembly, including firing pin retaining pin and cam pin. Has zero rounds on it, and has never even been installed in a firearm. Will include firing pin for $20 additional ($220 total). Condition...