suggestions on caliber


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Dec 24, 2006
I have been wanting to have a custom rifle made to use out west for deer.. I just picked up a winchester pre 64 action with a 06 bolt face. I am leaning to a 257 wby. I was also thinking something in 264 for a little more weight incase of a quartering away shot for more peneration... I have a 25/06 and a 264 win mag.... I am looking for something that I can hold on hair out to 500 yds ..
I don't know of anything with a point blank range of 500 yds. on a deer sized animal unless you zero it at 400. Your .264 will come about as close as anything......
Was thinking the same thing.

Only way your going to achive that is by going with some insane overbore round such as a 25-300 RUM shooting close to 4000fps w/100g pills, and being 3" high at 100.

Your 264 stoked with a 120g nbt would be about as good as it gets for flat shooting.

25-06 with 100g nbt at 3400fps or so is also a pretty dang flat shooter.
I know the 500 yds is putting the bar pretty high.. I read that the 257 stw with 100gr dead on at 350yds will be 10.25 low at 500yds ..I think some of the allen mags will do it also but they need the long action.. I am looking to be in that range
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