Range ?


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Jul 27, 2001
If shooting at deer, the max range would be the furthest range that you can hit a milk jug EVERYTIME under the conditions you hunt. It is also where the impact vel. is 1400fps or higher.

I shoot a 30-06 and now use 165 SST. The accuracy allows shots out to 700yds from a good field rest. From a bench, I have shot twice that far but impact vel and energies would be marginal.

For shots approaching the 1000yd range, use a bigger stick.

Good luck...

Hey folks hows trixs?
was wondering what the maximum effective range of a 165 grain nosler ballistic tip in a 30-06 would be, I have a sweet shooter , rem 700bdl, I bought second hand a few years ago, that seems to be very dependable on the accuracy. dont have the need or place to use a newer faster cartridge, lucky to get any space around here that has over 500yards where it would be safe to shoot. also nothing bigger than deer,.
well thanks
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