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  • Curious where abouts in Austrailia do you live? Im on a mission to save money to move there for a year or so. Want to find a good place to rent and a place where i can go out hiking in wild a few miles from home.

    Thanks, Mike
    I have a Sako LH bolt action with a Tobler SS barrel.
    EAW scope mount and S&B PMII 3-12
    There has been huge floods where I shoot this week
    I want to find somewhere in the US I can buy some more they are very dear out here.
    When the AUD hits .95 USD I'm going to get 800 of them in a 20lb flat rate box.
    Worth the B709A hassle
    I have not been on this site for a while and its changed.
    I'm trying to work it out.
    The Bergers 150 gr projies are the most accurate I have used in my 270/08 !:10 twist so far.
    I have only used them on targets so far.
    I am going to look at some Roos in autumn.
    hi im mackenzie barnes. me and my 19 year old brother are relatively new shooters but are enthusiactic and knowlagable in long range shooting. i live in brisbane qld australia and love it. not quite the gun laws though. current longe raneg arsenal: rem 700 .308 varmint sps 26inch barrel in wild dog tac tical stock. mark 4 4.5-14x50. rem mlr 338 lapua, AI stock, nightforce nxs 12-42x56. would like something bigger in the future.
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