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  • Sako's are nice rifles. Why did you choose a Tobler barrel?

    Too bad about the floods, where were they?
    Good luck with the dollar hitting 0.95 cents. I think it is now going the other way?
    That 1:10 twist will make it hard to shoot long bullets. But if they like the Bergers then go for it! What sort of riflre is the 270/08? I like the sound of the cartridge sort of half way between a 260Rem and a 7/08. Both good cartridges.
    I see you use Berger bullets in a 270-08.
    Just wondering what you use them on and how they perform.
    hi bob
    i have transport.im going on holiday next week over bathurst way,mainly a bit of fishing.
    brought a compound bow the other day so might try and find a deer or pig some where.
    what type of target shooting do you do?
    cheers allan
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