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    Grouping help needed

    The lug needs to be glued firm into the stock so that it can not move. Floating the lug is no good. Raise the lug by placing some material under it. The factory stock is no good for bedding. The bedding will come loose in time. They are no good for anything once the recoil lug recess is damaged...
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    Grouping help needed

    Not all Tikka's shoot. The recoil lug system is prone to fail as you can see with yours. When you tighten the action screws it forces the lug downwards and it then has less contact with the action as the stock flexes under recoil. Magnum T3's are prone to this more due to the heavier recoil...
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    *NEW* 8mm (.323") Cutting Edge MTH bullets

    I don't want to put a dampener on this project but have you ever shot anything with the Cutting Edge MTH projectiles at long range? I have with a .375 Cheytac and was not overly impressed. While they are super accurate, they simply do not do much damage compared to a traditional bullet. If...
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    Labradar Testing

    Great info Bryan, looking forward to hearing further results. :)
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    Barnes 171g. match burner for 7mm

    They shoot real well. We only shoot 10 shot strings plus 2 sighters at each distance. Didn't notice any extra copper fouling with these bullets. The rifle is wearing a new barrel now and I have run out of the Barnes 171gn pills. So switched back to the 180gn Bergers in the new barrel.
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    .300 CT based wildcat

    I took another photo today to show how this cartridge looks in comparison to the other two rounds that are used with this action when I switch barrels. Left .300NSM, center .375 Cheytac, right .510 Skidmark Express.
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    .300 CT based wildcat

    TH. I did some velocity testing today. 85gn Retumbo and 230gn Berger Hybrid gave 2885fps average of 5 shots. Seems I have a donut problem with the longer bullets being seated deeper. So just like you I will need to inside neck ream and have ordered a Wilson neck reamer for the job. This...
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    .300 CT based wildcat

    TH, Your experience sounds exactly like what I went through, although I used a lathe to turn down the brass so that part was easy. I used Bertram brass and at step 3, turned down the long neck at that point to 20 thou thickness. Then after step 4, I dropped the thickness to 15 thou. Doing it...
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    .300 CT based wildcat

    TH, That sounds very similar to my cartridge. What H2O capacity do you have. What dies are you running to form brass etc. Very interested in how you overcame some of the issues associated with making .300 Thunder Hawk brass from 408 Cheytac cases. The velocity you are getting is very...
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    .300 CT based wildcat

    I have been playing about with a .30 cal wildcat of my own design and thought I would share some of the details with you guys. I have a .375 Cheytac and thought that a short .30 cal cartridge based on this brass would be interesting. A full size .375 Cheytac case necked down to .30 cal would...
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    Applied Ballistics 'Shoot Thru Target' Challenge

    Bryan, I have an idea as to what may be causing this for some shooters and it has more to do with poor maths and group measuring method than exterior ballistics. It seems that a lot of people measure their group size by the overall size of their groups. Others measure their group size by...
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    .338 Win Mag or .300 Win mag?

    Forget the numbers. The .338 win mag with 250gn Berger Elite Hunter projectiles will kill better than a .300 win mag with any bullet. The .30 cal bullets simply do not expand and do as much damage as the .338 cal bullet at long range.
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    Less Than 50 BMG .510 Rifle Cartridges

    No Magazine mate. Just single load through the port as normal. If you want to got real long then remove the bolt and feed it from the rear.