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  • hey DUH, How ya goin? what type of hunting do you do? I am in Queensland and hunt deer and dogs with occasional pig thrown in.I also like nocking over the bunnies as well.
    look forward to hear from you.
    Hey Simon,
    Hows the hunting going?
    I finally got a 7mm with a NF F1 Very happy, shot my first LR sambar at 610 yds dropped him on the spot
    Thanks for geting back to me I have got 7mm rem mag that i want to get changed into a 338 edge, Has it taken you long to learn how to shoot long range I have just started to get into it. Which balistics programe do you use? Thanks Mate.
    Hi I want to get a 338 edge from defencive edge but deen info on importing and exporting in to melbourne any help would be great.
    Went into the Gatta with Norm, Matt and Jaws and his mate Jason I think.
    I stalked and put up a stag near camp but could not get a shot in.
    Spotted another stag at 793 yards next evening with x15 Swaros at late light but could not pick him up in my NF scope set at x22 power.
    Have now learned not to make same mistake next time.
    Saw three does next morning in same spot as stag, could have taken all three at 750 yards but no use to me, so left them alone.
    Matt and Jaws are in the Moroka back packed into Higgins Yard.
    He saw around 75 deer when we left him.
    How did you go?
    Hey Simon,
    Hows the hunting going?
    I just got back from a hunt on the Sambar, see the pics in the Aussie section..
    Hey mate whats been happening managed to doge those fires i hope did you loose any area? Went for a look last week down your way saw a good stag in the velvet with a couple of hinds and a fawn .
    Hi there,
    My name is Steve and I live in California. I was trying to buy a pair of boots made of Kangaroo and they have outlawed shipping Kangaroo products to California. They are almost pests down there aren't they?
    Thanks for the info.
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