Lr caliber, which would you choose?


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Jun 5, 2007
S.W. Colorado
My hunting partner is kicking around getting a new rifle, which was the easy decision making part, now it is down to caliber. He is looking at either the 7MM MAG or the 300RUM,and this will be in a remington sendero. Now, if it was up to you guy's which caliber would you pick and why?
For me, the 7 is perfect. I don't need the extra whack of the RUM, and it will be a significant increase. Even the 300Win is an up from the 7. I shoot my Colt Light Rifle pretty good, but the Sendero in 300Win I shot, grouped well, (only 3 shots), but was not something I want to do much.
The answer depends on what he wants to do with it. Deer at 500-600 yards is different than elk at 1200 yards. How well does he handle recoil? Does he reload? Distances? Intended use? Shooting experience? A few more details will garner better replies. Bruce
Unless your friend has handled many higher recoiling rifles a 300 RUM might be a poor choice. I know several occasional shooters who are afraid of their 7 rem mags! IMO recoil is the biggest factor in this decision.
I'm gonna go with the 7mag mostly because thats what i have, and loaded properly that caliber has a surprising amount of range. 300 ultra mag is a step up, you can launch a 230gr in the nieghbor hood of 2900-3000fps, that is a helluva reach. Most schooled lr shooters can't take full advantage of that, but i does call for a break, and has a shortened barrel life. my opinion is get the 7mag learn to really stretch it out, then he could step up to the big boys in the class of 300 ultra - 338 lapua, and hit the ground running gun)
Pretty hard to beat a Rem Sendero in 300 Win. Mag. with a 215 Berger Hybrid. I know it was not one of your choices but after owning many of these I say, Why not get the best of both worlds?

I would choose the 300 rum. I am a custom rifle builder and have built many rums and they shoot great. It is an easy to load round and tunes very well to each rifle. I like the brass not having the mag rim on it. It fits real easy into a rem 700 with room to throat the barrel long and still use the magazine. Here's the real deal, you can always load it down some and get win mag performance and load it up when you need to. I would rather have enough now and not build another gun if the 7 is not enough. You can load the rum with 165's at 3000 to hunt whitetails and mule deer out to 4 or 500 yards or do 180's at 2900 for elk. These loads in a Sendero are not to hard on the shoulder even without a break. When you are ready to stoke it up you can do 208 A-maxs up to 3100, these will really reach out there and any of the Berger hunting vlds or hybrids will be just as good. The 7 mag is a great round also and is more than capable of taking large game, but the rum is going to out run it at longer ranges, have less wind drift, and carry more down range energy. My personal favorite is the 257 wby mag, but it only has the energy to take deer to about 500 yds. When I need more the rum is always ready. Shep
Thank's for the input guy's, even without all the info i should have put in the thread. Here is a little more info. My buddy is not recoil sensitive, i believe he is in the same class as a sasquatch as far as build and mentality, we reload for every everything that we shoot, this gun will be for both deer and elk, the max range i believe will be around 700-800 yds. and with more practice maybe stretch it out a bit more. Thank's again for all the input
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