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  • I hope you don't mind the intrusion, I'm wondering what freebore you run in your 284 to shoot the 168 and 120 class bullets? hope all is well with you and family. Robert
    Hi Robert,

    I had Pacific Tool and Gauge make me a reamer with the throat angle at 1 1/2 degrees with a 168 Berger VLD approx. .010" into the lands. The cartridge OAL is 3.0". The 120 ballistic tips are 2.988" OAL.

    Hope this helps. Contact me anytime

    Thank Sir
    AZ Shooter, do you still have a 338-284 and could you give me some loads. Just had one built and will receive it one day this week. Did you ever try RL17? Thanks, powdr
    Being thick laminate they are heavy. I hollowed out the rear and installed lead shot that I epoxied in to counter balance the heavy barrel. That is how it got to 20 lbs.
    I checked out your stock on Stocky's . They have a screaming nice sale now. $225 bucks ! I also have a Remington 700 . Those Laminates are fairly heavy aren't they, I mean heavier than a synthetic like a H&S precision in same configuration ?
    I'm going to be building my next 6mm mach IV very soon and may be able to do yours at the same time. Leave number
    Hello, whats the overall length on that bobby hart LRT stock you have in that recent thread pic?
    Haven't had Dan do any other barrels. I have two that he will eventually rebore but they are not ready yet.

    He usually is out around 6 months or so. He won't answer in the am. I have found he always returns calls within a day or so. Does all his phone stuff in the PM. I'd say leave a message and wait for his call.
    Saw a thread by you in July 2011 where you sated you had a barrel rebore and rerifled by Dan Pederson of Classic Barrel Works. Have you had anymore work done by Dan lately, and can you tell me how long he is out with jobs? I have tried to contact him without luck. Appreciate any help you could give, Steve Davis
    I just saw this message. I have used Lawson's shop for years to do various jobs including some stock work and rebarreling but have never purchased any of his thumbholes. I would not be interested in your rifle. Maybe you can post it on gunlist or similar site.

    Sterling Davenport is Lawson's checkering and engraving guy and has been doing it for quite a long time. I don't know about the german guy you mention doing your particular rifle. I would love to see a few pictures of it though.

    I figure you know that Harry passed away quite a few years ago. Harry's son Randy now runs the shop and does great work. I just love the fancy maple stocks that I have seen Randy turn out the last few years. Randy says they are so hard that it isn't much fun but the end result is stunning.
    AZ...hello, was doing research on my H. Lawson rifle...220 swift Ruger #1 Varminter, made for executive at COORS beer Co by Harry...Exhibition 2b grade. Harry told me extra checkering and was fanciest rifle he had ever made ( talked on phone 1990 ? ), he pulled order and was $1800 for EX 2b and $200 for extra forearm checkering...need to sell soon..Very fancy engraving by German named " Geirsfeldt ? " or something, never got info on him...any interest ?
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